Well this is the most ahead I’ve ever been or ever will be

I posted this when I discovered it the other day on my tumblr

This fireworks-inspired twinkler serves as mood lighting for a holiday party — and as year-round art once the rest of the baubles are packed away. Start by painting a stretched canvas from an art-supply store (we used a pale-pink latex paint). Then plot out your design by penciling dots on the back, keeping them a half-inch apart. Gently press an awl through each dot to make a hole slightly smaller than the diameter of the bulb (we went with strands of mini white Christmas lights). Press a bulb into each hole; secure each with craft glue.

Some random Martha Stewart awesomeness.  I was all like “ooooOooooOooooO possibilities”  and then I was like “WHOA, PROJECT!”

Next semester is Design Fundamentals II and every year they do the 1000 object project (and they damn well better not stop now, I think it sounds so fun!) where one must create a project using 1000 of one object.  It is completely amazing the things past students have come up with.

Me?  This is like a grown up light bright project in the making!  Yes, I’m thinking large canvas, carefully planned design, and a 1000 lights.  I haven’t quite fathomed what kind of design could incorporate 1000 mini lights or how big of a canvas that will end up being, but the idea is thrilling to me.  The internet also tells me that I can get mini light strands in nearly any color.

If this ends up materializing and being half as awesome as it is in my head I’m totally sending Martha a thank you card.


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