Ode to Snow

I love snow.  Which is kinda odd considering how much I detest winter.  But something about snow is simply still so magical to me, especially when it comes drifting down around the holidays.

Right now it is finally snowing, after they promised us several inches but most of it came in the form of rain all last night.  But right now lots of snow if floating down from the sky.  And my favorite kind too… the big wet yet fluffy looking flakes.  Cottony looking pillows of it is collecting on the ground.

They other day it fell like this (and promptly melted the next morning).  I stood outside even though it was freezing for the longest time just watching it.  It was so beautiful.

My favorite thing is watching snow like this fall down under the street lights.  Especially when there is now wind to blow… it is just lazily dropping from the sky, in no hurry to get to the ground.


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