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Since I finished all my project in my Computer Art & Design class, I have proceeded to upload and thought I would share them in my blog since I spent these last 16 weeks or whatever doing this stuff…

My first project was a Photoshop project, with the goal of creating a surreal landscape.  Looking back on this I find myself terribly disappointed with the lack of creativity I had at the beginning of the semester, that combined with my fear of combining images in Photoshop.  I don’t do it because I’m not good at it.  I suppose that hampered my creativity some, but in all reality I just didn’t have much creativity coming back to me yet either at the beginning of the semester.

The second project was to create a poster out of something that was happening in the news.  There was a lot of drama about the dumbass Koran burning preacher and a lot of debate and hate going on about the mosque being built near ground zero so that is where I drew my inspiration from.  The 2 earths were designed to be 2 eyes… I think my message is pretty self explanatory, the whole concept was an eye for an eye (which naturally makes the entire world blind)


Next we moved out of Photoshop into Illustrator.  Illustrator was a completely new concept to me, I had never used it before.  We also had a professor who pretty much believed in making us learn by teaching ourselves.  That was an interesting experience.  But I was really surprised how much and how quickly I picked up by doing.  I guess perhaps there was a method to his madness.  The first Illustrator project was a self portrait.


After we had our initial Illustrator experience the next project was quite an undertaking but perhaps the one I am most proud of because I really love my computer generated illustrations.  The project was to create 2 sports collector cards, fronts and backs and the sport we chose could be up to us.  I was immediately drawn to dance and decided to do ballet.  I love my ballerinas so much.


It is safe to say that after that project I felt pretty comfortable in Illustrator for the most part… and felt much much much more comfortable with that damn pen tool.

The next project was to create a cover for a band DVD.  The only problem was that there were things that had to be included, which stunted my creativity.  Plus I had never thought of “gee if I had a band”… causing my problems.  I started on one idea and scrapped it half way through.  Feeling festive as the holiday season was approaching I decided my band was going to have a Christmas DVD haha.  As for my band name, I opened up an online dictionary and picked out a word I liked.  I created the background from scratch in Photoshop.  Layout and text was done in Illustrator.


The final project was to create a cover for our schedule of classes.  I had so much fun creating the puzzle out of the picture.  That was done in Photoshop.  Layout and text once again done in Illustrator.  I’m not completely happy with the layout of the text.  But right now I can’t think of anything better so it will probably get turned in this way.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kate
    Dec 15, 2010 @ 21:36:11

    Ooh, I like the puzzle concept! Very cool. And I totally could have picked that self-portrait out as you. LOL


    • Raychela
      Dec 24, 2010 @ 08:47:24

      I mean to reply to this last week and clearly must have forgot even though I thought I did lol
      Anyways, I’m super glad to hear you could have picked it out as me because that was partly what it was graded on haha

      I like my puzzle a lot but am so bummed that I had no idea what to do with the layout and text (hence why I have no interest in being a graphic design major!) We had to print it to turn in and colorwise printed the layout was bad. The only thing that remained awesome was the puzzle but sadly that wasn’t the biggest thing I was graded on.


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