I’m Tired. And I Came Up with some Gifts.

It is 9 days until Christmas. WTF. How did that happen?

It seems like the semester has run really late this year. This is finals week and it seems like it is at least a week later than previous years. In fact I’m pretty sure it has never run this late before. Last year I think finals week was at least a week earlier.

I have managed to do something about my Christmas shopping situation. I think family member wise I ended up spending the most on my sister and her husband, but only because I started making a photo book from Tristin’s first birthday, and even though I really didn’t want to spend over 20 bucks on it, after I put hours into putting it together I wasn’t going to not buy it.

I decided I would give people framed prints this year for Christmas, an idea there is nobody to blame for but my mother who said “you should give your photography to people for Christmas”… so she is indeed going to get some lol As well as my sister, and brother, and maybe my dad. Joann’s had all their frames 60% off. It was standing in the frame aisle for like 30 minutes that I realized I have no idea how to choose frames for photos unless they are going in my house. For some reason it was a hugely difficult decision.

I’ve had a disaster ordering my prints though. I wanted some metallic and some lustre. This was apparently a huge ordeal from the lab I order from because their ordering system does not allow you to combine them in one order. It’s really annoying and I can safely say I will never attempt to order them at the same time again.

I guess I better get to bed. It is 6am and I have to be up in a few hours. Can I just say that I am going to relish my time off between next week and the start of the next semester? Because I am. I am so tired and ready for it to be over. I want to relax. I want a few weeks without freaking out about something and I really want to catch up on all the things I’ve wanted to make time for but have not had the chance.


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