Catching Up

I’m still in some sort of complete denial that Christmas is 2 days away.  How did this happen?  How I ask! And then 2010 is almost over?  It’s starting to get a little worrisome how fast time passes by.  I know everybody laments that as you get older time goes by faster and faster but damn if it isn’t true.  I wonder why it felt like forever for a year to pass when I was like 10 and now a year seems like a blink of an eye.

I got all my grades back finally.  Why oh why I was so freaked out about the design course I have no idea now… I got a B in it.  I don’t even know how.  I guess the few As I did get on a couple assignments helped balance some of the other crap out, I dunno.  I am just thankful and relieved.  It is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders to know that another semester is successfully out of the way.  I can successfully let it all go now.

On Monday we finished all our Christmas shopping.  Remind me not to wait until the very last week next year!  The stores were absolutely stupid for a Monday.  I hate to think how it was during the weekend, but I didn’t go during the weekend for that precise reason.  My confession for Christmas shopping is I did more window shopping for myself than anything else, haha.  I couldn’t help it, it was the first time I’d roamed through the mall in ages and there was so much sparkly holiday stuff out.

I got all the presents wrapped and when looking at the large pile for my family I couldn’t help but think I spoil them all a little too much *hee*.  Finished sewing a few last minute gifts.  Cleaned up the house to a somewhat acceptable level.

I wanted to make a few holiday treats.  This requires me to go to the store to get stuff though.  A week or so ago I gave making a gluten free version of my molasses sugar cookies a try using quinoa flour.  I love quinoa pasta so forked over about 9 bucks for a small bag of the flour to see how it worked for baking.  While it held up well and had a similar texture to regular flour I just can’t use it for holiday baking.  Quinoa has a very distinct flavor that is hard to describe, but there is something very earthy about it… you decide if that is good or bad lol.  The quinoa pasta I buy is fabulous, it is also made with corn (which was my original favorite kind of gluten free pasta) but the quinoa makes it cook up awesomely and it is all pliable and springy or whatever like regular pasta and doesn’t have a quinoa taste.  I ate a few of the cookies because I hadn’t had cookies in forever and the next day I just wanted to vomit at the very thought of even smelling quinoa.

So I figured over the holidays I would have a bit of stuff with actual wheat flour in it.  Hopefully my stomach cooperates a little and I don’t bloat up horribly, but dammit it just isn’t Christmas without cookies that taste how they are supposed to.  Fucking quinoa flour almost ruined my perception of my molasses sugar cookies!

I don’t really know what other stuff to make this year.  Shockingly enough, I am not a big sweets person.  It’s rarely something that I actually ever crave.  Same even with salty snacks and stuff.  I would much rather make an awesome meal with meat and veggies and stuff than a bunch of sugary stuff.  I used to be bigger on sweet stuff but it was one of those things that when I quit eating it, I quit wanting it as well.  Same with bread and pasta and stuff when I quit eating gluten.  At first I missed it and wanted it like crazy but now 99% of the time I’m just like “meh”… it doesn’t sound quite as appealing as it would have back then.    I think now my biggest offender is cheese lol

So clearly… at any rate I found presents for all my family.  It somehow all came together.

For my brother:

  • A lava lamp
  • 11×14 framed print of a photo I took of him this year of him with his guitar.  Is it weird to give somebody a print of themselves lol I dunno but it is a cool picture and I thought he would appreciate it
  • 8×10 framed print of a picture of Randy Travis that I took when I took him to go see him perform this summer, great memory for the both of us
  • Ki got him the Family Guy Star Wars trilogy, figured it would appeal to my bro’s Star Wars nerddom and quirky sense of humor

For my nephew:

  • I made him a new blanket for this year
  • a little pull along dog toy thing
  • Leap Frog Potsy
  • 4 or 5 of those plastic animals
  • The Crayola octopus bathtub spout cover that shoots colored water out

For my BIL:

  • A really nice charging station/organizer.  Way more spiffy than the one I bought Ki a few years back.  They have a lot of gadgets and always have change and other random stuff laying around, figured it could be useful.
  • Some Moose Munch (long running inside joke)
  • A couple Nascar DVDs

For my sis:

  • I’m horrible to give her something that I just didn’t want but they were brand new and didn’t work for my purposes, but she loves to decorate and she’ll unfortunately have to store them until fall but they are these spiffy lighted fall pumpkin stakes that I thought she would be able to find a use for so I wrapped them up haha
  • A teacher’s ornament
  • 11×14 framed print of her and Tristin

For sis, BIL, & nephew

  • Photo book chronicling bubby’s first birthday

For my mom

  • 11×14 framed print.  It took me forever to find a picture that I thought would go in her house.  I finally settled on one with religious connotations.
  • 8×10 framed print of my brother from the guitar photo shoot I did with him, seeing as I am the only one in possession of a good photo of my brother that is current
  • A small snowman throw I made


  • 11×14 framed floral print
  • Other stuff Kiowa got her

My dad

  • Don’t ask me about that right now, he’s invited himself to the naughty list since Thanksgiving


I feel like I should get something else for my mom, but I can’t think of anything.  She’s one of those people that seems like she has everything she could ever want anyways.  That’s how I felt about most of my family this year lol  When it really comes down to it, we’re mostly blessed people and when it comes to things, I’m sure there’s a billion things we all want, but I always to try to give something that is a little more from the heart.


In other random news, I finally had an stroke of random awesomeness come my way.  I got picked to participate in the HTC  7 Windows smartphone campaign through BzzAgent.  It is the first time I’ve been picked for and gotten to sign up in time for a totally awesome campaign.

The awesomeness almost turned totally wrong though over the STUPIDEST mistake ever.  I was so freaking stoked that I had gotten picked and that I was signing up in time that when I was filling out the pre-campaign survey I clicked the wrong freaking button on the survey which led me to being disqualified.  It was an honest mistake and in my excitement I just assumed the survey had “yes” as the first answer and “no” as the second because that is how they are always ordered on the surveys so I clicked w/o thoroughly reading.  My heart just sunk when the page came up and I didn’t know what I had did so I clicked back and saw my mistake.  The question was if I currently owned the HTC 7 and I had accidentally clicked yes!  Arggh wtf, I own a t-mobile mytouch, being a tmobile customer was the whole reason I was able to get this campaign I assume from a previous information survey I did.    I wanted to cry, it was so dumb and I was so excited about actually having something totally random and awesome come my way (cuz face it, it happens so little as gauged by my excitement).  So I emailed them about it (and at that time the campaign was full when I tried to reclick the link, although I could no longer sign up from that link anyways).  I told them what happened, figuring they were most likely to tell me sorry but tough shit, contain my excitement and read more carefully next time but much to my surprise they checked my account, resent the invite, and I was able to sign up for the campaign!  So I get to be excited about it again!  But I’m still reluctant to get too excited, I don’t know if I’ll be able to believe it until I get my bzzkit lol  So here’s a lesson kids, READ CAREFULLY before you go submitting important stuff because I don’t know how many companies would be as awesome as BzzAgent is.  Few I suspect.


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