Why I’ll Never Be Able to Look at Ribbon the Same Way Again

Woke up this morning to my husband telling me he needed help…. Mango (our 8 year old Siamese mix) had ribbon from some of the Christmas presents hanging out of his butt.  And there was various small piles of vomit with ribbon in them through out the house.  He had apparently gotten into the presents for my family at some point the night before and had a ribbon feast.

My immediate response was obviously concern.  I was fearful he would get it twisted inside of him some way and cause us a massive vet bill of money we don’t have because I wrongly assumed he wouldn’t actually go on a ribbon eating rampage.  But this is the cat that eats plastic, who was I trying to fool?

My next response was horror at the super long ribbon that was hanging out of his ass.  How he passed that much I have no idea but he had a good 8 inches already out.

We called the vet who told us that we could gently tug on the ribbon with a bit of pressure (ugggh groooooooossssss) and if it continued to come out we could remove it as that is what they would do.  If not he would have to go to an emergency vet.  I armed myself with a paper towel and approached him.  3 seconds later I had one angry cat who was ready to kill for what I just attempted to do.  But the good news was the ribbon was moving.  After about 5 minutes and lots of screaming from both me and the cat the ribbon was out.  I was fearful that he was upset because it was hurting in some way but I imagine the sensation of having ribbon pulled out of your ass is not very fun.  There was only about another 2 inches to get out of there.

He’s been fine since so I hope it is all out of him.  We quarantined off the rest of the presents and needless to say there will be no more ribbon at future Christmases. This is his 9th Christmas with us and the first time he’s done something like this.

Never trust a cat folks.  Those presents have been sitting there wrapped for days and it took him till that morning to decide to eat the ribbons.  I am so thankful that the other cat and dog do not find ribbon amazingly tasty.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JohnSherck
    Dec 24, 2010 @ 18:50:53

    Be glad your cat is just a seasonal feaster. Our dog likes to eat–and pass–the fuzz off tennis balls at any time of year. That’s also why we don’t buy those rope toys for her, even though she loves them…


  2. Raychela
    Dec 28, 2010 @ 10:03:43

    My father’s dog used to like to dine upon the rope toys lol… it was quite..disgusting haha.
    Thankfully my dog is *just* a paper eater 😉


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