State of the Bedroom Report

In my effort to better organize things in the new year, I decided to start tackling the bedroom today. 3ish hours later and I have had enough for tonight and lord knows how many hours are left to complete it. I have a dream to turn it into my lair of happiness. Right now it is just a lair of frustration.

I have thrown 1.5 bags of crap away… have 1.5 bags of stuff to donate… and a giant bag of makeup that I need to do… something with. And the dust situation is just so so wrong. The uncompleted craft project situation also needs to be dealt with, as in instead of complaining that I’m bored I should work on the stuff I once planned to work on. Genius eh?

And then to top it off I keep thinking about how if I could rearrange it. I don’t know if it is possible. I found in this summer in my drawing courses that I have problems visualizing things without actually placing them there first… some kind of objects in space deficiency.

And then there’s the crap I’m holding on to that I know I don’t really want or need but I have issues throwing it away. It is a slight reminder that if I ever lost my damn mind completely I could end up a hoarder lol I am in such a mood to toss stuff though that I should just do it now without thinking twice and be done with it. I think it would feel quite relieving just to get rid of it and never have it there taunting me again.

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