Oh Hai 2011

I guess this is my first post of 2011 =) Sadly I missed posting to close up Holidailies 2010… one year I swear I am going to manage to post every single day of it. One year. But I did blog last month more than I had blogged probably all year!

Speaking of Holidailies this year, I ran across this post by a fellow Holidailies blogger and could not agree more with their point of view with Holidailies moving to Reddit this year as their portal. I really hope that next year Holidailies goes back to “normal”. The Reddit environment felt so impersonal compared to Holidailies of years past. I felt more like I was just spamming my blog instead of posting it to a community involved blogging project.

My organization project got put on hold to celebrate New Year’s and then I got a little lazy for a while. New Year’s Eve we went and hung out at my sister’s house to watch the New Year come in. My brother joined us as well, but my brother has gained himself a long distance girlfriend, so right after the ball dropped he excused himself to his car to call her saying he would “be back in 10 minutes”. An hour and a half passed and we were getting ready to leave and had to go get him. Ahh to be young and completely obsessed with somebody again lol.

Classes have started back up.  I have a 9 am class.  Blah. I promised myself after the last 9am class I took that I would avoid it at all costs. Unfortunately the cost was simply that the class I needed wasn’t offered at any other time so……. no dice. Gotta do what you gotta do.

I then also discovered that a prof for the Design II class had been picked… when I registered they still hadn’t said who was teaching it. The class I registered for turned out to be the same prof that I just had for the Design I class and I had less than favorable opinions about how that class ended up. I attempted to re-register in a different section only to have the same prof show up in that section as well!  So… there is no getting a new prof for that class this semester.  For some reason the universe DEMANDS I have this prof again.  I’m not exactly thrilled but perhaps it was fated for some particular reason.  I guess… on the plus side, since I feel like I somewhat “know” this prof, I won’t feel so awkward asking for help because I know I am gonna need it.

Each day that passes I am feeling more and more pissed about what I got jipped out of in the Photo Fund class and am seriously wondering just how much people who took that course with that prof ended up missing out on.  I’m just sourta *jaw drop* when I hear other people’s experiences with other professors… it’s not fair.  It makes me hate my education sometimes.  I’m paying money for these classes, when a professor and his class is trash, I get kind of pissed.


I got back to cleaning and organizing a bit. Still quite a long  ways to go but at least it is starting to come back together.

I am super duper proud of myself because Friday afternoon I tossed two large bags of some of the things I was holding onto that I couldn’t donate that just made me feel like a hoarder or something haha. I just had to get to the point where I was fully emotionally unattached. I realized I was holding onto the stuff because I felt guilty and that was the only thing stopping me from getting rid of it. I felt guilty for spending the money on the stuff in the first place, not using it, and then having to go through it and get rid of it all that I didn’t use and would never use. Once I released the guilt about it, the attachment was gone.

This week we FINALLY got a new sofa! I have been wanting this for a couple a years now and am so thrilled to have finally gotten one. Our “old” sofa wasn’t old, just a piece of shit. We got it back in…. 2005? 2006? At any rate it should have been still perfectly fine had it not been constructed poorly and been subjected to the evils of man and beast. Instead the fabric that it was made of wore horribly… it started getting “bald” spots all the while collecting cat hair. I finally gave up on the fabric and a year and a half ago or so purchased a sofa slipcover which never quite worked the way that I wanted it too and by the end of the sofa’s saga looked just as worn and weary as the sofa itself. The entire construction gave way and the thing sagged horribly. I won’t lie, we did abuse it… but it still should have lasted longer than what it did. When we took it out to get rid of it I also discovered the entire front bottom was tore to shit from cats dragging themselves along the bottom, of course most of that happened when I no longer cared if the damn thing spontaneously combusted one day.

The new sofa is my baby… I love it and oh yeah, it HAS to last for quite sometime. The cats are immediately reprimanded if they try to do anything to it that involves claws. Mango has already claimed his niche on it, the second we set it up so that spot will have to be vacuumed regularly. I have reminded the husband to sit down gently on it instead of just plopping full force down and have declared a “no sleeping on the sofa” rule because that ruined the old one faster than anything. I have surely become my mother but now I see why she always yelled at us for these things… she didn’t want her damn furniture destroyed!

This is the sofa we decided to go with. 

The damndest thing… every time we saw this thing in the store it had a distinctive green tint to the brown that we literally both thought that the sofa color was this greenish brown hybrid… like mossy color or something.  It was the one thing that didn’t have me sold on the sofa.  We got it home and it was this mocha color.  Which I was thrilled about.  I was like did they give us a different color than than the display one? (Because if they did…awesome)  We went back and looked and finally figured out that the display model was indeed the same color as ours… the difference was the horrible store lighting that gave it this mossy greenish brown effect.  Talk about some epically bad lighting because this thing is most definitely mocha brown in our house.  Weird.

It is admittedly  a wee big for an apartment living room.  But, if we were going to get a new sofa I really wanted a sectional with a chaise section.  That was my criteria.  And the chaise section on this one is super duper comfy and just perfect.  So yes… sofa=love.  It is perfection.  It really feels more like furniture you want to use, that is cozy and inviting, not just something you reluctantly sit down on because it is the only damn thing there to sit down on.

Of course getting such a large sofa presented the problem with the coffee table.  I’ve been wanting a new coffee table for quite some time, I may have noted that I’ve never had one that wasn’t a hand me down.  The current one is huge and doesn’t match anything else in the room.  With the new sofa we certainly can’t keep it now.  At first we investigated options for a new one but if Ki will agree, I am pretty much opting towards no coffee table for now.  It was just another place for junk and clutter and for now, I don’t have an issue with just placing the remotes (there’s like 3 of them I think for multiple devices) on the sofa since there is so much sofa.  I thought that perhaps I could just get a wall shelf and put the decor that normally lives on the coffee table on that instead and call it quits with the coffee table for now.

Arranging the living room for Christmas next year will certainly be interesting… as the sofa now takes up the space where I moved stuff this year to make room for the tree.

Of course the last remaining problem in the living room is the exercise bike, tucked away not so discretely next to tv area.  I bitched and moaned about getting that exercise bike and how many times do you think I’ve used it?  Haaa.  Not nearly enough to ever justify it.  Of course the idea that I *might* suddenly get on an exercise bike kick keeps me from giving that away to somebody who would use it more than I probably ever will.  Right now I am thinking I will hold onto it for 6-12 more months and if I don’t start using it on a basis that justifies even having the damn thing, I will give it away.

All the decluttering and reorganizing has given me a lot of perspective about material things.  I am nowhere near like I was with the impulse buys a couple years back.  I used to use “retail therapy” a lot to solve my woes.  Now I feel guilty spending money 90% of the time so I avoid it except necessities *sigh* so it is pretty much a complete 180.  I would prefer a middle ground but whatever.  When we’ve gone through and gotten rid of so many things, the dollar signs just rack up in my head and I realize how much money ended up wasted.  I have a new perspective on things that we need vs things that we really just want.


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