HTC windows 7 review

When I got invited as a bzzagent to try out the HTC windows 7 I was so excited I nearly blew the entire opportunity lol. this was one I was beyond thrilled about, who wouldn’t be… A chance to try out an awesome phone.

I eagerly awaited the phone’s arrival and soon enough it was here.  My first impression based on appearance alone was well… Impressed.  The phone is thin and very sleek looking.  It has some weight to it, but in the sense that it feels solid and well made.  The large screen was impressive although now that I’m used to it, it seems perfect and my old phone’s screen seems way to small.

It was super easy to get the SIM card in and boot up the phone.  From there it was pretty much time to play . It’s super easy to set up your email (including multiple accounts )  and Facebook on the phone so you’re instantly connected to your social world

At first the “homepage ” of the phone felt weird, if only because it looks much different than the Android platform I’ve been used to.  But more on the home screen shortly.  Also if you slide your home screen over to the left, this is where you will find a list of all your installed applications.

Now, the homepage… Really nice.  You can pin your most used applications  to the home screen for easy access.  Not only can you pin apps, but you can even pin people, so if you’re really into stalker mode… Err I mean into following what’s up with one or several of your contacts you can pin that contact to your screen and then just tap their now pinned profile to get contact information and their most recent Facebook updates, etc.  At least it saves you the effort of wading through everyone to find a few key contacts you might like to follow closely.  The large square thumbnails for each function is nice and easy to organize.  I like it much better than the cluttered feeling of small app thumbnails I had on my old phone.

The phone scrolls smoothly rather you’re on the homepage or browsing a web page.  Everything loads super fast.  That I am very impressed with.  I haven’t encountered any freezing issues with this phone, minus the first time I set my alarm.  Go figure, it froze as it went off causing me to wonder what the heck happened to my alarm as I woke up that morning, good thing I woke up shortly after the alarm was scheduled to go off… but I haven’t had any more problems since.

My most used areas, text messaging and the Facebook connection are all very pleasing to the eye. I like how sleek looking everything is.  The touch keypad has big enough buttons that I’m not constantly hitting the wrong key and it is very responsive.. no pounding on it to get it to recognize that I’m typing something in.  This is a huge difference in my old Android phone, the darn thing just never wanted to be very responsive and I was constantly having to go back to correct things.

I don’t play a lot of games on my phone but I gave the Xbox Live section a go and will explore it further in the future.  There’s a lot of games to download and from the trials I did give a go they seem to run very smoothly and the graphics look very nice.  Entertainment wise I am also pleased with how easily I was able to connect with the Zune software and sync up all my music as well as download podcasts.  Perhaps the thing I am most amused by is the ability of the Netflix app, which works extremely well.  There’s a little ‘kick stand’ on the back of the phone to prop it up and you can watch your Netflix right there on the phone and even w/o head phones the sound is pretty good (I spent one night watching some shows on my phone with the phone propped up on the night stand since my bedroom tv doesn’t connect with Netflix. )

The phone comes with some pre-installed apps worth checking out and as far as Microsoft’s app market place goes… well it does need to grow.  It is not up to par with iTunes naturally, and not even yet up to par with Android’s marketplace and it’s hard to say if it ever will be.  Sadly a lot of the apps that are more worthwhile cost money whereas in my experience with Android’s marketplace there was tons of free cool stuff to choose from.  I am not a huge app user though so I don’t miss it too much, it will just depend on what your needs and wants are.

The camera takes wonderful clear photos under most conditions and the camcorder works pretty nicely as well, making this phone great for sharing.  It is super easy to share your pics and videos, just a few touches of a button and you can send them to family and friends, post them online, or upload to Facebook.

I will be honest, there is so much I have yet to explore with this phone and get to know better.  I feel like it’s gonna bring me some amusement for quite some time to come.  And being that it is so sleek looking and works so well, I can’t see myself anticipating a new phone anytime soon.  This definitely lives up to the entertainment phone I had hoped for.  There’s so much I can do with it from staying up to date with everyone, to playing cool games that run smooth with great graphics, to watching shows and movies (and by the way, the appearance of shows/movies from the Netflix app is pretty good and not very choppy at all, woot) , to listening to music, exploring apps… etc.  I’d highly recommend this phone to anyone.  A Windows platform might be the underdog in the cell phone world but if they keep making great products like this, they might start making some huge strides and become a major player.


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