You’d Think Twitter Would Be My Best Friend…

considering I just deleted a shit load of drafts in this blog that managed to me a whole sentence or two long before I sighed and clicked away to another page.

I’ve been wanting to rename this blog, but I have no idea what.  I did pick a new theme though… because it go spring like out and I wanted it to feel warm and happy too.

Hmm I last posted in April… that already feels like a lifetime ago.  We’ve managed to avoid too many more dramatics except for the fact that my grandmother did in fact have breast cancer.  She had the entire breast removed and then still has to have the heart surgery which is extremely risky for somebody her age.

Ki graduated this past Wednesday.  I am so proud of him (and jealous)!  Sitting through graduation was such a bitch though… it was like 3.5 hours long!  OMG.

Since it was his graduation MIL came to visit and stayed with us for a week.  House guests are always conflicting for me, because I value my privacy and personal space immensely but of course it is always lovely to see MIL again and I must admit I do miss her a bit when she leaves.

I’m still working on organizing the house, the bedroom is still in disarray from January and admittedly I just haven’t care enough to finish it.  I spent tonight going through months’ worth of pictures, finally editing and uploading them how I wanted.  Spring classes are done… summer ones begin on Monday and I have to double check and see if I can attend in the meantime because I don’t know how much financial aid will come through.  The 5000$ that ended up showing up on my account that I owed and I had no idea why?  Fuck up from the school.  And not a fuck up they erased.  A fuck up that I had to pay for.  I went in there and was told it was something “the computer didn’t catch”.  I got angry and asked why I had to pay for their mistakes and got told “it isn’t our problem.”  I was pissed.  I’m pretty sure if it was any other place in the world who fucked up and made someone pay $5k for their fuck ups, shit would be going down.  But because it is an educational institution… it’s like tough shit.

I have a bit of an “announcement” to make concerning some education things/decisions…but I think I’ll save that for another day.  It will be long and I don’t much feel like sitting here.


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