Day 30

One more day and I will be smoke free a full month.  I had my last one around 7pm May 31st.  Yup, I managed to finally stop 4 years after I started back again.  This will be the last time.  If I am stupid enough to ever start smoking again I kind of deserve what I get is what I figure.

In retrospect, I suppose I needed to screw up.  I had to learn the lesson it taught me I suppose and that was… I CANNOT HAVE JUST ONE… ever. I cannot control addiction….   Sucks that it took me 4 years to recover from that lesson, but… whatever.  I am stopped now.


It wasn’t that bad to quit this time.  Something must have been in the cards for me to finally quit because normally with everything I was up against, I should have in theory not made it a week let alone to the point where I am now, a full month.  But I learned, if I don’t romanticize smoking…  I’m generally okay.

Not to say I don’t have moments of missing it.  I do.  Unless you’ve been a smoker you can’t understand how one can miss such a filthy habit… but it is the emotional aspect tied up into it.  Cigarettes just weren’t an addiction… they were a crutch.

Only 10% of people who quit smoking make it to the 1 year point.  I figure it should be higher than that if only one realizes that they cannot have another cigarette ever.  If you do… you have a 90% chance of relapsing more or less.  Plain and simple.  Starting again is 100% preventable.


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