The “New” Facebook is Awful

I just logged back in after actually not visiting Facebook for like a week and I’m all like wtf is going on here?  It’s seriously awful and makes me not want to use it.  And then I read an article today about further changes that are supposed to happen and it makes me just want to close my Facebook account.  On top of knowing that I am just an information farm for advertisers and shit, Facebook is hitting creepy new lows.

Of course I suppose if I continue to use Facebook I really can’t complain.  I am willingly subjecting myself to their will.  There’s like a certain level of peer pressure to actually use Facebook.  If I didn’t use it, there would be a certain amount of people I would just lose touch with.  Who are apparently too lazy to call, text, or email.  And then there is another group that are people that I forged relationships with online… I think we all have at least a handful of those on our Facebook pages these days for the most part.  And because I rarely have the time to focus my interests back on the places I met those people… without Facebook a lot of them would also disappear from my life.  I just want to scream “won’t you all get blogs?” lol

But I’m actually finding myself more and more creeped out by today’s social media.  It is just so weird to me.  Everything feels like it is connected to something else and it all feels like it is some necessity.  When it is not.

I find myself logging onto Facebook less and less these days.  Partly because I’m so busy.  Partly because I don’t like the direction social media is going.  I guess time will tell if I keep my Facebook.  I guess I am also feeling like, those people who are on my Facebook… well if we really give a crap about one another, even I didn’t have a Facebook, we would still manage to find a way to keep in touch.  Otherwise… I guess we really didn’t care too much about each other.   I’m starting to feel like the more social media grows, the more we lose touch with each other and the less time we take to truly communicate with one another.


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