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Somewhere around the beginning of November, this was me:

And then the beginning of December rolled around and this was me:

I dunno man… Christmas shopping just didn’t make my high priority list this year.  But I finally managed to get the fam shopped for, putting in one last Amazon order tonight.

Naturally Tristin is the easiest to shop for and I could always easily spend beaucoup $$$ on him because TOYS.ARE.FUN.

This year I got him:

B. Meowsic Keyboard.  I want one of these for myself lol  It’s so fun looking and has all these neat little functions and the kiddos can even record themselves.   They can record the music that they play on the keyboard, but not their voices from the microphone apparently.

And hell who am I kidding, I want one of these for myself too… B. Eyelights… a kitty flashlight whose eyes also light up when rolled across the floor.  The eyes light up in four different colors.

So if it isn’t obvious, I think B. is a really great brand of toys for the kiddos.  I think they have so many awesome toys and I love how visually appealing they all are.

And I think I am gonna sew Tristin another blanket for Christmas.  I thought maybe that could be a tradition I keep up until he is around 5 or something.

For my dad… we three are going in on a Net 10 phone he couldn’t shut up about.  Since it benefits us all to go in on a relatively inexpensive phone I don’t see any of us fighting him on this one, we’ll find him the phone and save some money in the process.

For my mom…

The Serenity prayer set of Ganz Measuring Spoons.  I am obsessed with these and asked for some myself for Christmas.  I fell in love with Ganz measuring spoons when I saw them at Hallmark for the first time earlier in the year.  They are solid sturdy metal, are engraved with these gorgeous intricate designs, and you can actually use them (yay for things that aren’t just for looks).

I’m thinking about also getting her a Yankee Candle tart warmer and a couple Yankee tarts but we’ll see… the spoons are approaching my per person budget price.

For my BIL…

Boring?  Well that’s what he asked for lol   Actually he asked for a 4 slice toaster.  I had to report to my sister that despite all my searching, I could not find a nice 4 slice toaster that was less than $40.  I can’t spend that much on a toaster.  My search for a toaster did lead to a discovery of a $300 toaster on Amazon…and all I could do was think “whyyyyyyyyyyyy???”  Nobody on this planet needs a $300 toaster.   God her/himself doesn’t need a $300 toaster.

For my sister… I kind of really like her gift because I got to do what I really like to do but rarely get to b/c I just don’t have the money.  I put together a little gift box for her because she asked for several things that could easily be made affordable so I could get her more than one thing.  I kind of felt bad lol because I asked her if she had asked her husband for any of this stuff for Christmas and she was like “haha no, we are probably only getting each other one thing this year and I’ll probably ask him for something I need.”  I asked if this is what happens when you have children and she confirmed some of my suspicion on that one lol  So I decided to make her a “cozy” box of gifts of various things she asked for, including a pair of fleece pajama pants, a mini box of gourmet chocolates, a Yankee Candle tart warmer, 2 Sparkling Cinnamon Yankee tarts, a pair of super soft fleece socks, and a mini Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter.  It’s totally a box that I would be thrilled to open up so I’m pretty confident she will feel the same.

I also made these lighted Santas for mom, sis, and MIL which I need to take a pic of.

For my bro…

(Yes it is on my Christmas wish list as well…. hi… I am a Batman fan girl.)  My brother is the only person in my family where I sometimes worry that we bought each other the same thing for Christmas lol

I’m still kind of torn on what to do for MIL.  She came up to visit and I had the painted lighted Santas for my sis and mom on the table (had stupidly forgotten to put them away) and she picked them up and was ohh’ing and ahh’ing over them and asked me if I painted them.  I was just standing there like dammit, when she gets one of these it isn’t gonna be that much of a surprise now but at least I know she’ll like it.  She’s wanted a picture of Ki in his cap & gown since he graduated this summer and we still don’t have one and there really isn’t any ideal backdrop now for a picture.  Although I had wanted badly to get her a nice print.

Then tonight I ran across this tutorial  and thought what a great gift that would make for her although I have no idea how much the amount of crystals necessary to make it would cost.

And as far as  mon mari goes… well I’ve gotten him 2 gifts thus far… and still have to finish shopping for him.  He’s always so difficult to shop for but I do have one top secret gift (for now) that I’m exceptionally proud of for him.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. JohnSherck
    Dec 13, 2011 @ 16:08:00

    Those are some neat looking toys–when our girls are older, we may have to look in that direction.

    The measuring spoons almost look TOO nice to actually use.

    As for the toaster, I think it’s always better to get someone what they want than get them nearly what they want, so I would have gone with: 2 $5 toasters, conjoined by duct tape. If your BIL has stainless steel appliances, the duct tape would match more or less perfectly. $300 for a toaster? For that price, it should roll around my kitchen gathering up the ingredients to make bread, bake me a loaf, slice it, toast it, spread on butter and (optional) my toppings of choice, AND bring it to me in bed. Otherwise, I’ll go with option A, outlined above.

    Anyway, sounds like you’ve done well here, all in all. I always find that there are one or two presents that I feel really great about, gifts that I’ve just nailed. And then everyone else gets gets nothing, unless my wife buys them something.


  2. Raychela
    Dec 15, 2011 @ 11:38:50

    LOL John your comment cracked me up, thanks for stopping by.

    I am so hoping that my mom won’t decide that the measuring spoons are too nice to use as well because I really do want her to use them, not just look at them lol


  3. Natalie
    Dec 18, 2011 @ 05:09:02

    I had to come back and say I want to kiss you. I’ve been looking for a cheap(ish) keyboard for Kate that wasn’t TOO simple and baby-ish. That one is perfect! I ordered it for her. 😀 I think she’ll love it, she loves music. My other option was a $50 keyboard from Walmart.


  4. Raychela
    Dec 19, 2011 @ 14:22:57

    Yay!!! Kate will LOVE it. You might like it too.. I sat on the floor and played with it for a while before wrapping it lol and when we gave it to Tristin Saturday, my sister grabbed it at one point and was sitting on her recliner playing with it lol

    Tristin loved it, he was playing with it a ton…even over his beloved tractors that my dad and brother had gotten him.

    It has so many fun little features that I didn’t even know until he got it out and was playing with it. I was just a little bummed when I found out the recording aspect wouldn’t record their little voices on the microphone, just the music that they played on the keyboard. I thought it would be neat for them to get to record their voices, but dice. But it is still pretty cool. And just look at it, I mean a grinning trippy looking cat? Awesome lol


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