this might be my worst holidailies year ever.

For writing that is.  Busy busy busy… the holidays seemed abnormally busy this year.    Yet I always like coming back to my WordPress dash, it always feels like coming home, back to a familiar safe spot.

I should post about Christmas… and I will.  It was good, and I am still quite in shock that Christmas is over.  It felt like it barely happened this year, just a quick swoosh and it was here and gone.  A little trip down memory lane of my past holidailie entries had me finding that every year I complained that “it never felt like Christmas” and so this year I vowed to myself I would not repeat this phrase and I would not go into the holiday season with any preconceived notion of what the holidays should feel like.  It finally dawned on me that if every single year I thought it didn’t feel like Christmas, I was the problem.  So this year I decided to just have the experience instead of trying to judge the experience.

I’ll try to quickly get caught up with the holiday pics/stories within the next day or so… I am very much looking forward to getting on with my New Year’s routines.




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