Christmas 2011

I guess I better write this before it never happens.

I had a good Christmas this year, as usual.  I can’t say I’ve ever had a bad Christmas… well… there was the infamous “Pax-hell Christmas” but it wasn’t that Christmas was bad, it was me who was having problems.  There was so much that I wanted to write and make and do this Christmas season that I just didn’t get to do but ah well, it was still good times.

The Saturday before Christmas we had a celebration at my sister’s house.  This year my sister invited my dad, and he showed up… which means my mom refused to show up.  I’m getting kind of sick of all the holiday drama when it comes to those two.  I mean this year we just did our thing and said if one of them wants to act ridiculous so be it, but it still gets old and frustrating.  But at this point, it feels really wrong to leave my dad out, especially since we really don’t know how many more holidays he has left with us if we want to be honest about things.  His health is questionable, although on the plus side he did look slightly better at Christmas at my sister’s house than he did on Thanksgiving.

But a part of me missed my mom being there.  Having Christmas with mom involved with all of us as pretty much been a life long tradition and I was sad to see that get broken.  We ended up seeing her, just on a different day.

So Christmas at my sister’s house…fun as usual for the most part (minus an incident where my dad thought he was being just hilarious and he was actually so embarrassing).  Tristin was fun as always.  This year he got the concept of presents very very well lol  My sister had to put the baby gate up during dinner because he kept running out to the tree and ripping at presents and declaring that he wanted his them quite loudly.  He also loves the concept of Santa this year and when my brother put on a Santa hat, I guess that very well embodied the essence of Santa because Tristin had to climb up and sit on my brother’s lap

He’s so…. 2 now lol  I love seeing him grow up but it is sad to know that he’ll never be the 3 month old or the 9 month old or the 1 year old or even the 1.5 year old ever again.  He is so rotten too lol

He loved the Meowsic keyboard too, it was his favorite toy until….

My brother brought in one of those stick horses and he spent a lot of the rest of the night riding around on that.

We had a good time.  There was lots of good food and laughter and everyone really enjoyed their presents, naturally haha

Christmas Eve we ended up going to Mom’s house.  My brother came as well along with an aunt and an uncle.  It was alright.  It didn’t feel the same w/o having everyone there (my sister was at her husband’s family this year on Christmas Eve) but it was still better to gather with some family than none at all.  I totally forgot that I had my point and shoot with me most of the entire time that I was there and didn’t take any pictures.  In fact I was pretty terrible this year in general at taking pictures during gatherings and such.  I guess I just wanted to enjoy them a little more than run around taking pictures.

I fell asleep pretty early Christmas Eve.  Not long after we got home.  It bummed me out a bit b/c I wanted to make cookies and stuff but I was still stuffed from all we ate at Mom’s house and if I stuffed one more thing into my food hole I think I would have been sick.  So I fell asleep early and woke up early.  Ki was still asleep so I tried to find something to do but even tumblr wasn’t amusing me so I woke him up to open presents.

We didn’t spend as much on each other this year (which perhaps isn’t saying much since we still overbuy for each other, but hey…no kids yet so you know…one of the luxuries of still being child-free I suppose) but a lot of awesome stuff was still given.  A lot of my gifts would make you think my husband was buying for a 16 year old boy but whatever lol  It was funny though because there were a few things that we bought each other such similar things… I joked that after all these years we were becoming one another. =D

We ended up going to Walgreens on Christmas Day for some cream cheese, came home and I made some salmon corn cakes and we enjoyed the evening at home.  Ended up playing a never ending game of Trivial Pursuit and I think I eventually passed out watching A Charlie Brown Christmas.

It was a great Christmas indeed.  I am sad it is all over for another year but the memories shall remain.


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