The Peacock Tree

The Peacock Tree definitely needs to be documented in my blog.  It was… a vision lol… that started sometime this summer which my obsession with peacocks sort of peaked.  Lucky for me peacocks and their colors sort of became trendy around this time, I guess fueling my obsession with them.  So when I wandered into Hobby Lobby one day in the fall when Christmas stuff was being put out and there was a section of peacock themed ornaments I was in heaven.

Last year we had bought a new larger fake tree.  I had debated throwing our smaller one away as it was starting to show its age a little bit but then when we moved I decided to hang on to it with the possibility that we could have 2 trees.

So combine the two above events and the peacock tree was born.

Ki didn’t quite see my vision.  My sister scoffed at the idea until I showed her the ornaments and she admitted it was much different than she thought it would be.  But once the peacock tree was up, my husband warmed up to it and it received some rave reviews.  It also works really well in our living room, because my floors are blue.  I dunno for how many years I’ll be all “fuck yeah peacock tree!” but  I hope it amuses me for a few more years to come lol


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