Yesterday evening, while talking to my dad on the phone he told me a ghost story.  Only this one was apparently real.


Grandpa died a couple of months back.  A short battle with cancer…one of those cases where if he would have just not tried chemo when it was a hopeless situation anyway, he probably would have made it longer.  But he wanted to fight and fighting meant giving chemo a go.  My grandma had open heart surgery a few weeks after his death, and thankfully has been making a full recovery which I deem pretty impressive for someone her age.  One of my aunt’s have been staying at the home that she and my grandpa built and shared, helping her out as she recovers because she hasn’t been able to do a lot of things for herself for a while.

For as long as I knew them… grandma slept upstairs in the her bedroom and grandpa sat in his chair downstairs watching tv at night and then slept on the sofa.  You can deduce what you wish from this scenario, I can’t give you an explanation because I don’t know, never asked, and never really cared to be honest.  But anyways, the downstairs living room was grandpa’s area.

And so it was that my dad told me that the other night my aunt got up in the middle of the night.  The television downstairs was on.  She always turns it off at night but figured that she had just forgotten that night and went out to the downstairs living room to turn it off.  Upon entering the living, she swore that as clear as day she saw my grandpa sitting there in his chair watching tv.  He turned his head and smiled at her and as she quickly went to get flip on the light she looked back and he was gone.

I don’t know really what to make hearing her experience.  It is very fascinating to me. Some might say her mind saw what she wanted to see, etc but I tend to believe in things like this.   I feel like maybe he came back to tell her goodbye and show that he was okay.  It was strange because after he died, I can’t remember how long it was after his death but it wasn’t more than a few days I felt a very strong presence around me, yet a very familiar one.  Not long after I began feeling it, the light in the room flickered on and off.  I kind of just chuckled a bit and said “hi grandpa, I miss you” and not long after that the feeling of the presence lifted and left.  I always kind of viewed that as him telling me goodbye.  =)


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