From my phone.

I am making this post from my phone which feels rather impressive since I  haven’t had a phone that could do anything in quite sometime. I got a HTC Amaze a couple weeks ago and it has been a great phone/camera/mini computer like device.  If I could plug a keyboard into it for easier typing I would probably find little use for a desktop haha

Without fail, like every year, I got sick end of first week of classes.  Friday I felt gross…Saturday too….then Sunday I was starting to feel a whole lot better….and then Monday it was like I had been hit by a bus which was apparently payback for enjoying life Sunday.

I had a 4 day weekend thanks to MLK day that got blown to shit because my immune system decided to fail me. 

I haven’t even decided yet how I’m getting thru this semester.  If I think too far ahead I start to panic.  I just know I need more time than I’ve got.  Like a day to clean my fucking bedroom which would have happened this weekend had the hacking up lung thing had not started.


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