summer break!

I perhaps left my last post a wee bit bitter sounding, more annoyed really.  Assumptions and judgments hurt and so it is why I try much harder these days to not make assumptions and not be judgmental.  I guess the good part of having that kind of stuff thrown at you, is you yourself become more sensitive to other people.

I am atoning some for leaving off on a less than positive note (except of course, for the news of a new nephew on the way, which is more than positive, it is just spectacular).  I am quite happy today.

Finals week was rough.

 I had one of my exams online…and just do to being swamped I didn’t study for it until the last minute and ended up with a 78%.  So fucking bummed because had I prioritized better and did better on it, I would have had an A in that class.  Instead, because of the final I ended up with a B.  Not pleased with myself about that, but what’s done is done.  The Stat in Psych final had 2 parts…one take home, one in class.  The take home part was pretty easy.  The in class part I pretty much bombed because I couldn’t remember all the little rules to the problems I had just completed on the take home part *face palm*  I ended up with a C in the class…which based on my effort…was exactly what I deserved.  This is the second stat class I’ve taken for requirements and me and math of any form just… I’m lucky to pass it with a C.  Although I think with more effort I could have actually did better in this class but it is just so hard to care about something you hate so intensely.

And then psychobiology…o..m..g…. that class was easily the hardest course I have taken in terms of like… book learning…terminology…memorization… (because studio art classes are more demanding in a different way).  It was just ridiculous.  It came down to needing to pass the final to pass the class and after studying, while I was confident on the first 6 sections, the last 2 were just not gelling in my mind at all.  So while taking that final, anything relating to the first 6 sections was just like boom, boom, boom…flying through them with confidence… but there were 25 questions that pertained to the last section and a few more that pertained to the 7th so I was kind of scared b/c 1/4 of the score related to at least the last section.  So waiting for grades was a bitch and I was on the verge of an anxiety attack while waiting to check grades, but when the page loaded and I saw I got a C, I scared the shit out of the dog by flying up in my chair and shouting YES!!!!” like 4 times lol

There is a part of me disappointed to have 2 Cs this semester.  Keeping my GPA up is important.  Cs aren’t really the standards I set for myself by any means but I had 2 classes where it was just… desperation really this semester to get them over with and do what I could to get to that goal of passing them and moving on.  Better than failing at any rate.  I can’t dwell on what is done now, no use in being unhappy about it.

I cancelled my summer classes.  The money just wasn’t really there… and well, to be honest I’m not entirely sad about not taking classes this summer even if it would help immensely in helping me finish faster.  Just the thought of going back to classes in a week completely makes me wilt.  I am kind of sad that I won’t be taking the communications course that I still need that was being offered as a 2 week intensive course but fuuuck…. 5 days a week, 20 hours a week, one class…I could not handle right now, not even for only 2 weeks.

I don’t think my brain is really grasping that I am going to have free time.  B/c it’s 2 days in on the first week of no classes and I keep feeling like I’ll run out of time to do everything I want to do while I have free time.  And since my last final I’ve already done a lot.  I am really productive when I’m not putting off school work hahaha

Over the weekend I mowed the entire yard by myself… been a while since I’ve done that.  There’s times I wish I had a riding mower but doing the whole yard with a push mower is a great workout.  I finally had the genius idea to put on headphones and turn on my pandora app while mowing…makes it less boring.  I got a sunburn… been a while since I’ve had one of those, which made me make a mental note of next time I mow in the sun to wear a thinner strap tank top so I won’t end up with really weird tan lines.  And while mowing I also got the pleasure of having to stop and get the shovel because it seriously looked like a rabbit or something miscarried all over our front yard.  I dunno what happened, but little furless underdeveloped dead baby something or others were all over the lawn… 4 or 5 of them.  That was sort of the moment I realized I needed to grow some balls to live in the country again.

I bought a new weed eater… since the rechargable battery one we bought last year is a joke.  But weed eaters using plastic string to cut grass is kind of a joke too.  Then my BIL told me about these things that allow you to attach plastic or metal blades to the weed eater.  I found a kit and voila…most awesome weed eater ever for 70 bucks.

I’ve been obsessed with flowers and plants and herbs.  Spending as much time as possible outside.

Cleaning the house and keeping it clean, every single day.

All kinds of projects I’ve wanted to work on but not had the time.  Tons of books to read for pleasure, not for school!

Of course I do have to continue studying French pretty hardcore though, so I need to work that into my hour or two a day.

I feel like I’ll have to be trying pretty hard to be bored this summer.



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