welcome june!

lol@me starting this post on the 1st and finishing it a week later.


Last week we had a family reunion of sorts and it was…. different.  It felt odd seeing some family members that I hadn’t seen in ages.  I hadn’t even fully realized how long it had been since I had seen my grandma & grandpa on that side (mom’s) and I kind of felt like an ass when I realized it.  It hasn’t been anything intentional not to go visit… it’s just one of those things where you don’t realize that time is flying by.  When I finally got a chance to go talk to my grandmother personally I hugged her and we were still touching while we were talking and I just had to hug her again… a big giant hug.  I loved seeing her face.  My grandmother is… different.  It’s funny because the older I get the more I see where all the weirdness in the family comes from… everybody is quirky in different ways and it all starts to make sense  lol… but I love them just the same.  And looking at my grandma I was immediately brought back to the fact that this was the woman who helped raise me.  I think there was a point in my life where I saw her more than my own mom… that I was at her house more than my own.  I always think how if I would have told my grandma and grandpa the shit that went on after my mom met her husband that I wouldn’t have had to deal with the things I did as a child.. I think grandpa would have shown up with a shot gun pointed right at the dickhead man my mom is still with to be honest.

I begged grandma to let me take her picture.  She hates cameras though and gets really pissy about it so I eventually gave up.  I snuck a few here and there but I would looove to have just one really nice picture of the woman but it will never happen.

For a day or two after the reunion I felt weird emotions about feeling guilty I guess about how I was with family… how I often neglected visiting and such getting caught up with my own shit too much.  I want to change that.  When dad’s dad died, I felt so horrible that I had not went to see him and I don’t ever wanna feel like that ever again about somebody when they pass away.


Summer break is going well.  Today is June 1st and already 2012 is nearly half over.  Mind blowing.  I have to start doing 2-3 hours of French each day though now that it is June.  I’ve been keeping really busy with a wide array of projects.  I just really need to stop spending so much time though doing mindless shit online.  Still having issues with that although I promised myself that I would ease up a little bit.  I was doing good, but it only lasted a short amount of time lol


We’ve been having a few issues with the house and it sort of irks me that our landlord is always saying he will get around to doing this or that and it takes him ages to actually do it.  I’m trying to be grateful b/c we could still be stuck in an apartment but I really hate having to ask for something 3 or 4 or more times.

We had been having an issue with the water pressure for a couple months now.  It will randomly become very low and then a few times it has stopped completely.  It started this winter, it was like the pressure switch in the well or something.  Our well is somewhere over in the neighbors yard, which the landlord also owns so every time it happened we had to call the landlord for him to go and reset it.  He kept saying he was going to replace it.  We’ve had to call him 7 or 8 times about having no water.  Obviously this becomes very grating to one’s nerves to wake up and randomly find there is no water and then have to wait for someone to come and fix it and for this to keep happening.  So I kind of maybe threw a bit of a fit about it.  I wasn’t necessarily trying to be a bitch… but after asking for it to be fixed not once…not twice…not three times…not four or even five… I’m kind of done with being nice yah know.  So he FINALLY replaced the switch… took him like a whole 10 minutes.  Why he could never find that 10 minutes in the past 4 or 5 months we’ve been having this issue is beyond me but that’s how it goes.

I mean… they aren’t bad landlords… when he says he’s going to do something it usually happens, it’s just that it happens long after you tell them about it.  They have like 3 or 4 other houses that they rent…one that I know they are basically tearing apart and redoing right now, plus they work, plus they are always busy doing other things but when you pay as much in rent as we do.. you just want everything to work like it should.  I always try to fix anything that I can take care of myself before calling them up and making it their issue… but just don’t fuck with my water man.


It’s hard to believe we’ve been here for almost a year.  Last year I was desperately looking to get out of the apartments and then BOOM, this place happened .  Now all the things I wondered about are just normal, every day life.  It’s funny how little by little nothing changes and yet every thing changes, how you deal with and move around your surroundings.  Everything that was so foreign is now normal just like at the apartments when everything that was normal turned foreign.



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