so then that happened….

and it was bad.  Very very bad.

It made it all through Tristin’s 3rd birthday party and several hours afterwards as we bbq’d and played in the yard.  I went to go get it to take some pictures of Tristin catching fireflies in his bug box that I had painted for him and as I went to click the shutter a “POP!!!”  exploded through the interior. It sounded like a small firework going off.  Inside…… My camera.  I knew it was bad.  I knew it was really bad. I switched it off and then back on.  Error 99… Canon’s all encompassing something is fucked error, not that the exploding sound within my camera didn’t give that away.

Had I not been in the presence of my husband, brother in law, sister, and a 3 year old I probably would have burst out crying.  Instead I played it cool and said I would deal with it later although some of my anxiety about it was shifted to worrying if the pictures of Tristin’s party had survived.  With the sound that came from the camera, I wasn’t sure if something could have fried the CF card as well.  Unfortunately nothing on the internet relates to my problem.  There’s millions of hits for error 99,  but nothing for the mini explosion that happened within my camera.

Assuming it is just a shutter repair I’m looking at $300 on up.  I have been trying to figure out how many shutter releases the camera has had since I got it but one program I ran it through showed around 7k and I feel that is strongly inaccurate because in the years that I’ve had it I think I could show you more than that many images I have on my computer from it and those don’t even count the ones I’ve deleted.  When I think of all the times I’ve easily shot 300-400 images on a card it should definitely have long ago surpassed 7k.  Canon claims the shutter should have a 100k life, I feel certain that while my number was much higher than 7k, it was not yet getting anywhere near 100k (although I do realize that is just a number and camera shutters can fail at 5k just as easily as 80k in some cases).

But even assuming it is just the shutter is very positive thinking on my behalf… because the loud sound that came from within suggests something even more serious.  I don’t know.  I’m not going to know unless I send it in.  I can speculate all day and night and it won’t get me anywhere.  I know jack shit about the inner workings of camera.

I’m a bit heartbroken understandably over this.  Everything seem to be a reminder of the pictures I can’t take right now.  I think what makes it worse is the fact that I’ve recently got back to shooting again after I kind of neglected it in favor of everything else and of course then this happens!

So… right now I’m not sure what is going to happen.  Send it in and see what they quote me at… look into new cameras… although at this point I cannot afford the one I was really hoping to be able to afford if I did upgrade.  I wanted new lenses..not a new camera body any time soon.  Grr.

Ki at least understands my being lost without my camera thing.  He recently got himself a dslr for shooting video and of course offered to let me shoot with it and I have tried my hardest to like it and I just can’t.  I am a Canon dslr girl and I threw myself into learning so much about shooting with that camera so I could start to develop my own thing with it…and my lenses I already have… and yeah…. I just can’t go back now.

I guess I’ll be deciding what to do soon because I absolutely cannot live without my favorite creative outlet.


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  1. Bill Chance
    Jun 27, 2012 @ 09:32:39

    That is so tough. I dropped my Nikon last year and remember how lost I felt until I had it repaired. Good luck, hope it isn’t as bad as it sounds.


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