BzzAgent Review: Glade Expressions

So in the latest BzzAgent campaign I got to be a part of, BzzAgent sent out coupons to try some of Glade Expression products for free… the fragrance mist and the home diffuser.

I’m kind of obsessed with making my home smell good, especially considering my little collection of pets (and we recently added another kitten which was totally not supposed to happen, but such is life).  I don’t like to cover up any smells, but to instead have them totally eradicated.  In the arsenal of making sure my home smells and feel fresh are your regular line up of cleaners, Febreze, air fresheners and candles.  Over the past couple of years I have started leaning more towards tarts if I want something that smells pretty, especially Yankee tarts due to their massive scent selection.  But I’ve been finding myself liking quite a few things Glade has been putting out lately.  Their seasonal scents are usually very good.

I’ve never tried out the Expressions products before so was happy to do so as part of this campaign.

I ended up getting the Expressions home fragrance mist in the Cardamom Apple scent.  I like how realistic it smells.  It isn’t heavy or perfumey and smells very fresh.  The downfall of most sprays is that they don’t last very long, and this one is no exception, but it does quickly brighten up a room when you don’t have time to light a candle and let the scent spread.  The one thing I really didn’t like about this mist was the fact that it came as a starter “kit”.  What it means by this is that the plastic sprayer part is actually detachable and after buying the starter kit you buy refills that click into the sprayer.  In the long run, yes it is going to save on plastic.  But it is still kind of an awkward system and I can honestly see myself totally forgetting and tossing the whole thing when it’s empty.

When it came to getting a diffuser… I searched to no avail 2 weeks for it in the Cardamom Apple scent.  No luck, even after searching Walmart, Meijer, Target, 2 different Kroger stores and 2 different Walgreens.  Hey I really wanted the apple okay… so I guess this was a pretty popular one.  I ended up giving in and trying the lavender and juniper berry.

The diffuser was easy enough to use and looked attractive in its surroundings, the scent was noticeable but not completely overpowering which was nice, but a couple of days after setting this up in our laundry room I noticed my allergies seemed to be worse than usual. So I ended up disassembling the diffuser for now as it seems to be triggering to my allergies. I am wondering if it just the scent and would still really like to try the apple and spice version of it.  (Update:  I ended up reassembling the diffuser and setting it elsewhere to let the scent mellow out some, I found myself enjoying it a bit more and it didn’t seem to trigger my allergies as much.)

The biggest let down was that Glade does not have more scents in this product line. The only one I am interested in really is the apple one. The cotton one is somewhat appealing but I gravitate towards warmer “home-ier” scents and this line is lacking those except for the apple spice one.  I also didn’t see the cotton one in diffuser starter kit anywhere, which I would have been happy to try out in my laundry room.


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