Green Mountain Coffee and Fair Trade

I was recently invited to the BzzAgent Green Mountain Coffee campaign which meant I got some free coffee to try and tell others about.  I am not the biggest coffee drinker but I enjoy a good cup every now and again, but on the other hand Ki is a huge coffee fiend… he makes up a pot every morning and drinks most of it.  So I was kind of thrilled when he tried this coffee and told me how much he enjoyed it.  Why?  Well the biggest reason is because it is fair trade and I have been a huge fan of fair trade every since I learned what it was.

I learned about fair trade practices about 10 years ago as a teenager while visiting a fair trade store.  The lady working there told me about it and how important it was to give workers fair wages.

Fair trade IS important.  It cuts out the middle man.  Which means when you buy your coffee (and other fair trade products) more money is going to the farmers than it is to all the middle men.   Check out this handy dandy chart for a visual explanation (my favorite kind)

Fair Trade isn’t just important when it comes to coffee.  Other goods are influenced by it.  And fair trade does other awesome things besides guaranteeing wages, like banning child labor, being sustainable, and banning GMOs among others.  Here’s another graphic

So there you have it a nutshell… fair trade is awesome!  So try to buy fair trade products whenever possible.  And if you’re looking for a fair trade coffee, Green Mountain Coffee is a great place to start.


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