Holidailies Time!

Even though I’ve been really bad about keeping up with this blog (my devotion kind of went to tumblr), I just can’t resist Holidailies.  I am so glad to see that someone is keeping up the tradition and people are still participating.  It’s something I’ve come to look forward to every year and really enjoy.  I love that I can look back nearly every holiday season and read my thoughts even if I suck at blogging the rest of the year.

The trees are up, the house is decorated, a ton of presents are already wrapped and under the tree.  I guess it doesn’t really feel like the holidays yet.. simply because… well… 60 degrees on December 1st.  Blech.  What’s a girl gotta do for a little snow around here?!

Well so much for a fancy intro post… I’m tired but I am here for Holidailies 2012.


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