so long ceramics!

So tonight’s “final critique” was basically pick-up-your-shit-and-leave.  Not that I’m complaining at all, I mentioned…somewhere… that she critiqued us all semester long so there was nothing new to hear.  The class was definitely well worth my time.  She and I chatted for a few minutes tonight and she asked me to remind her of my major which I told her was psychology with a fine arts minor since I was planning to get my masters in art therapy and I needed these fine arts classes.  We ended up chatting for a few minutes about the role of ceramics in art therapy.  I definitely see the therapeutic use of ceramics now that I’ve taken a studio course in it.  I enjoyed it way more than I thought I would and found the art form to be very soothing to get lost in.   It was also a way to express certain things, that I couldn’t express in other art forms.

It’s funny because when we started the semester every body thought she was so mean, and a lot of people in the class maintained this negative view about her… but there was something about her that didn’t bug me even when she would stand over me panicking “no! no! no!”  She was very high strung, especially for an art professor but if you talked to her by yourself she was actually very nice… just kind of socially awkward, which is whatever… I am too depending on the situation. I think that’s why she appeared so harsh at first, because she tried to over compensate for the fact that I don’t think she really liked teaching… she would always escape away to work on her own projects if none of us needed help.

I have quite a bit of extra clay… since I paid for that shit I would like to use it so I asked if I constructed something if I could bring it in next semester to fire it.  I really liked hand building so I would definitely do it in my spare time.  Of course I know I’ll have to remind her that we had this conversation when the time comes… because she never remembered things she said even a day later lol

Bringing home all my projects and looking over them was fun.  My biggest disappointment with the class was the fact that she only fired things for our class at a certain temp, so we only had a handful of shitty glazes to pick from and most of the ones I even wanted to try were out.  So all my stuff is kind of in glazes that I would never pick on purpose.  I also think glazing is an art in and of itself and it something that maybe should have had more time paid to it.  I was also bummed that she didn’t fire one of my bowls.  Wheel throwing was crazy… I had no idea how difficult it was, professionals make it look so easy!  I got 3 cylinders fired out of the 6 I did but I could never get them to be more than about 3″ tall.  I had 3 bowls.  One I destroyed during trimming.  The one that she fired for me and I glazed was one that she helped me a bit with the walls of it to make it deeper and then there was the one that I was so proud of that I made all by myself and trimmed all nicely and she didn’t fucking fire it!  So I brought it home, am gonna paint it, seal it, and possibly use it for incense on my altar.  I also touched up some of the other projects… and totally painted over another… a box that was bisqued and was just the most hideous thing except for two panels that I actually tried on.  The rest of it was just some horrible experiment gone wrong, but I think now it will be halfway interesting.

I hope ceramics and I cross paths again at some point in this life.  I can’t see myself doing wheel throwing again (although I greatly admire the skill especially now knowing how difficult it is) but I really do adore hand building.  I would probably do it as a hobby if only I could afford some kilns, ha.


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