end of semester report

Something is trying to take root and make me sick right in time for the holidays but I’m doing my best to just ignore it.  I am also attempting to force myself to stay up a little later because I honestly want to go to bed right now but I don’t want to wake up at 6am again like I did this morning.  Go figure.. classes out and now I’m waking up at 6am.  Hmmph.

I decided to check for grades this morning.  I sat here shaking as the page loaded.  I have no idea why I get so nervous at the end of every semester when I get ready to check them.  I mean I was there, I know what work I did.  I think it was mostly because of the research class… because of my lack of being able to care about that class… I kind of don’t know exactly what I’m getting in there.

In Personality Psych I got a B.  It quite possibly would have been an A had I went to all the discussions, but alas… I did not.  It was silly not to go when discussions were the easiest points ever… but honestly I just lost interest because almost nobody did the readings so it would turn into everybody either sitting there in almost complete silence or just bullshitting about stupid crap for 40 minutes.  It takes me 30 minutes to get over to campus now… so that’s an hour driving there and back and gas money to sit there for 40 minutes or less and listen to either nothing or small talk… yeaaaaaaaaaah that is why I lost interest and was willing to sacrifice some of those points.

I was so bummed out by that class.  I thought the material was pretty interesting but all the class consisted of was him basically reading us the powerpoints that were already put up online.  Total waste of time.  I HATE knowing I’m going into debt for classes that do this.  Needless today I did not often appear in person at that class much.  I did actually like writing the research paper for it though (and I got a 95% on it, definitely can’t complain).  I ended up researching creativity and the big 5 personality traits so that turned out to be interesting.

Ceramics… I’m actually going to miss ceramics.  This being the first week without it, besides Monday when I went in to pick up my stuff, was weird.  I didn’t realize how much I was using it as an outlet.  But I guess now I can figure out how to photograph my stuff so it looks nice for my portfolio.

BREAKING NEWS:  I PASSED RESEARCH METHODS.  What a sense of relief!  And I never have to take another one of his classes again!  HORRIBLE PROFESSOR HORRIBLE CLASS.  It wasn’t that it was even hard, it was just a shit ton of busy work, a shit ton of group work that made me want to set fire to everything, a ton of papers, and in the end it all went to a grading nazi.  I was so happy to get a chance to evaluate him b/c I never got a chance is Pyschobio.  I’ve really never encountered such a disrespectful professor before.  He just sucked.  He sucked in Psychobio too.  His class was just torture but I apparently survived… although I’m always paranoid until I see the final grades set in stone.

My Religion & Violence class… well it really deserves a separate post of its own.  It is quite a wonderful thing when you experience a class that changes your outlook on the world and on life.  So perhaps I shall share that tomorrow… and grade wise, that class should be an A, no problem.  I worked my butt off and enjoyed it even when having to do 24 pages of essays for one test.

I think now… I will head to bed and ramble on a bit more tomorrow.



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