grades and last minute shopping.

Grades were posted yesterday… everything ended up exactly as I anticipated



I kind of wish there was one more A in the mix… but eh…what can you do.  I worked my ass off in 2 classes… one I just had the goal to pass…and the other…well that is where I could have gotten my A but I chose to be a bit lazy.  Whatever… at this point passing is passing.  I wish I could be one of those people obsessed with getting As in everything, but I’m not.

So another semester officially done and over with.  I have to say this one actually went by pretty fast.  There’s been a lot of times when looking back when I feel like it went fast but then I think back to when August or September really was and it seems like forever ago but this year I think back to August or September and geez… weren’t we just there?

This also means that I am down to just a few classes left until I finally graduate.  Graduation still seems like it will never happen, I’ve been on this journey for so long. But at the same time, with as much money as I owe… yeah dunno how much of a rush I am to get there one way or another lol  But actually… yes, yes I am in a rush to get there because I’ve been over this chapter in my life for a while but now I guess I’m just trying to enjoy what is left of it.  I miswell sit back and enjoy the ride instead of rush rush rush to get through life… life is good enough at that all by itself.  I only have one more course to take within the major itself… the rest are a few I have avoided that fit into basic requirements from the university itself and the school of arts & sciences.


Yesterday I found myself getting quite frustrated to just finished up Christmas stuff.  We are now one week away from Christmas which seems pretty unbelievable.  It doesn’t help that the weather has been in the 50-60 degree range, something quite freakish in the Midwest in December.  I have spent more money than I intended my sister’s family this year, but with the 2 boys now I keep finding things that I want to get them… I always feel compelled to buy for my sister too since I see her as my best friend in the universe.  Yesterday I fretted over ordering some pictures to give them from Tysen’s first photo shoot (I’ve neglected this blog so much this year that I probably didn’t even mention Tysen being born).

I’m still learning that transferring picture composition to prints is frustrating and found that a picture that my sister wanted me to order for her husband had odd dimensions that could not be fixed to fit any traditional size.  I had bought a 11×14 frame for it with an 8×10 mat.  I soon figured out that I could not crop it in any way that didn’t cut off somebody’s head or body in an odd format and finally realized that it appeared that only a 7×10 print would do the job.  Thank goodness for local craft stores with custom framing, I should be able to get a 7×10 mat for the 11×14 frame and crisis will be averted.

I still have to sit here today and finishing ordering a few gifts for my husband… this and the photos I hope will arrive in time.

I’m now ready to just sit back and enjoy the holidays and my break… and make some yummy Christmas goodies.



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