let the festivities begin!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Well I called the post office this morning and apparently all undeliverable mail had been processed and sent back.  Let down but I am not letting it ruin my mood.  Print hasn’t been done at my local lab either.  I guess these pics just weren’t mean to happen in time.  I am letting it go though.  I emailed the printing company that screwed up and told them I wanted a full refund. If I don’t hear from them immediately after the holidays when they reopen they can have a phone call.  They lost a customer out of this.


I spent all yesterday finishing making Christmas treats…making the last 2 of my origami ornaments for people… and yeaaaaaaah…I’m still pooped lol

Heading to my sister’s early today since we convinced my mom to come down there and we could have Christmas with her before my dad should up in the evening.  No, this isn’t really normal but I have no desire to make all these separate trips down there because people can’t get their heads out of their asses and get along 20 years later.

And hopefully we beat any winter weather home because right now the storm they are predicting might actually give us a white Christmas!



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