Christmas Pics Pt. II some crafty stuff.

Okay, so not a lot of crafty stuff.  But for one gift I did teach myself an entirely new skill set so that has to count for a little something right?

First off, I made this for me.  I had the parts for it in storage from last year since I never got around to it.  Sadly I didn’t find anymore of the wooden trees or I totally would have made some for gifts.

The frostier paint looks weird in both pics thanks to the flash but it looks great in regular light.

This project was actually one that almost went very wrong and then turned out great because it went wrong.  I originally just had it painted with a deep green and then the frostier green brushed here and there for some contrast.  Then I found this glitter spray paint stuff at Michaels and thought “jackpot”  (You see, I am obsessed with glittery sparkly things).  Well it turned out the spray on glitter really really sucked.  It came out all clumpy and some of it was mixed with the stuff that propelled it and some wasn’t and it just looked terrible.  So I took it outside on a cold night and stuck it under the hose and scrubbed as much as I could off figuring the damn thing was ruined.  But once I got it back inside and took a look at it, I loved how it turned out.  It looked kinda rustic and intentional.   So I stuck the lights in the holes and wrapped around the berry garland I had also purchased last year and voila.

**Note:  Kittens like to try to stalk and eat fake berry garland.  Also, kittens are annoying at Christmas.

Secondly… I made one of these for my MIL, mom, & sister (still need to make one for myself!)

This was my first time folding cranes that small… I don’t think I did too bad considering.  I want to perfect my technique on these and maybe eventually sell them and some other origami ornaments on Etsy.

And then this is the one I taught myself a new skill for…

I taught myself jewelry stamping in order to make this for my sister.  It is something I had been wanting to learn for a while so I took this as the opportunity to do it.  I was going to just buy her one, but for the price I really thought I could learn for cheaper than the cost of buying one and I was pretty much right.  For my first completed piece, I don’t think it turned out too shabby 😉


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