Christmas pics Pt. III… having fun!

A pic of mom and her husband while they were there for our “gawddammit this is normal” Christmas =P


A perplexed tiny Santa.


Tiny Santa and his grandpa



I am so glad that this present was actually for Tristin! He zeroed in on it as soon as we brought it in and wanted to open it the whole night before it was time. It would have been quite heartbreaking for him had it been for someone else.


Santa lost his clothes at some point during the night.


Tristin helped hand out gifts this year.


My sister loved the necklace.


It was so funny because Dad was previously talking about Atari in the kitchen and how he wished he had a way to play some of the old games that he had, he had no clue he was getting this!


Daniel should just come uncaptioned. He made the comment that he wanted a feather boa like Hulk Hogan used to wear for Christmas, I relayed this to my sister lol


Tysen checking out his gifts.


Nacho conked out during presents.


Tristin gets a Hulk mask.


Terry was forced to open presents like this since the baby finally passed out for like 15 minutes.


Boy opens one of his presents I got him.


A Christmas card for the Moose.


Probably my favorite part of the night… Boy brought his guitar and sang us a few songs. Tristin was SO excited and grabbed his little guitar and strummed along singing.


Tristin later put on his Batman jammies I got him and ran through the house like a nut.


The end result of our Christmas the next morning, feature Ki and Moki in the middle of it.


Nacho got some fancy dog cookies for Christmas and I had to chase him through the living room with my camera to try to get a picture. I was so happy to see I managed to snap a super cute one.


How we ended Christmas night. Some eggnog and molasses sugar cookies.




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