BzzAgent Post: Private Selection Holiday

I loooove when BzzAgent asks me to try out new Private Selection products b/c I have grown to love this line thanks in part to BzzAgent. It is unique for a “store brand” and the products are really upscale and high quality. I have found that so many of the products taste and even look fresher than many big name brands.  While the products are a little more money than your typical “store” brand, they are definitely still affordable and oh so worth it.

This Bzzkit included coupons to try a variety of items for free.  Included were:

  • Private Selection Water Crackers
  • Private Selection Coffee
  • Private Selection Olives
  • Private Selection Deli Cheese
  • Private Selection Spaghetti Sauce
  • Private Selection Greek Yogurt

The Private Selection Table Water Crackers were easily one of my favorite products. I have gone out and repurchased them on 2 different occasions since trying them for free with a coupon contained within the BzzKit. I had never tried water crackers before so this introduction to them was fantastic. They are really light with a very soft flavor that makes them perfect for a variety of dips, spreads, meats and cheeses. Private Selection also offers a Parmesan & Peppercorn dip not included in this campaign that they are fantastic with.

I have never liked olives, when I was younger I definitely hated them but I decided to try them again since I had a free jar from this BzzKit to put out. I purchased the kind stuffed with blue cheese since, while I may not be an olive fan, I am definitely a blue cheese fan. Since I know nothing about olives, I can’t tell you if these are great olives or not, but I did eat 4 or 5 and while I’ll never find myself saying “I really want some olives” these weren’t that bad. I liked the fact that they were stuffed with the blue cheese.. it was a nice combo of richness, tangyness, and a tiny bit of bitterness from the olives.

I ended up using the Private Selection cheese coupon on the garlic herb cheese. I was blown away by the flavor of this! After I first tried it I was just like “no way”, the taste of fresh herbs was just so amazing. I would have never imagined this cheese to taste so fresh, I can honestly say that I’ve never tasted anything quite like it. Impressive!

I was not a big fan of the spaghetti sauce that we tried. We got the one that was flavored with basil. I am a huge fan of anything basil flavored (I’ve made basil ice cream before if that tells you anything) but this sauce was decidedly lacking in basil flavor. I found it a wee too acidic as well. I like slightly sweeter spaghetti sauces.

I did not consume any of the coffee from this BzzKit since I am not a huge coffee drinker and have been typically consuming decaf. My husband is a big big coffee drinker though and he said he would not be interested in repurchasing this coffee. It said it was much too bitter and didn’t taste very good at all.

The Greek Yogurt was good but nothing out of the ordinary. I prefer to buy Greek yogurt with either fruit on the bottom or already mixed in, for that reason I didn’t much care for the packaging of PS’s yogurt. But it was very good tasting. They do however need a larger flavor selection as well.

Overall I was very impressed with this line of products and have found some new staples!  Who knew I would get so excited about…. crackers! lol


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