Finally worked up some motivation tonight to begin the organizing process.  I started in the utility/laundry room.  Managed to bag up 2 bags of clothes to donate from the rack we have back there and the storage cubes.  Then I went through my lotions/perfumes/nail polish/makeup etc and put a TON into a bag that is destined for… not being in this house anymore.  A couple years ago I got rid of a ton of cosmetics and stuff and now it is time to do it again.  I used to have a bit of a buying problem with cosmetics when I was younger… I still have more than any normal person would ever need in their lives.  A lot of it is still stuff I like but about once a year it is worth going through it all again and getting rid of stuff that no longer suits me, has gone bad, etc.  My current issue is nail polish buying… so cheap and so much glitter haha  I also have a bag filled with nail polish I need to go through b/c I’m not sure if I want to hold onto certain shades or not.  I don’t really want to go through and swatch every single nail polish though… grr.  First world problems, I know.  So that room is about 70% done and it is the one that needed down the most… well besides the loft.


I finally dealt with the missing photo order today… wasn’t very pretty.  I kept my composure even though I wanted to scream obscenities a few times over the sheer absurdity of how they were treating me.  But you know what, I’m taking it as a win because this made me get out of my comfort zone and explore other printing companies and you know what… I’ve been getting totally ripped off anyways!  Other printing companies offer MUCH better features for their clients than the one I’ve been using, even free 2 day shipping!  And this company I’ve been using wants $15 for 2 day shipping.  Ridiculous!     But yeah.. appalling customer service.  I guess some businesses forget that their customers are the reason they are in business to begin with.


In a random turn of events today when Ki came home from work he told me he had stopped at the landlords to tell them about a problem we’ve been having with one of the kitchen windows and I guess he asked about one of the houses down the road that landlord also owns and rents out.  I thought there was somebody still living there but I guess they actually moved out.  Anyways tho, I guess he asked about it and told the landlord we would be interested in seeing it and the landlord said he would show it to us first before listing it for rent.  Ummmm okay?  LOL  Totally caught me off guard b/c I didn’t know he had any interest in the house although I had said on multiple occasions that if it came up for rent again I would be interested in knowing more about it.   Basically because it is bigger.  Much bigger.  3 bedroom, 2 bath… as opposed to our 1 (miniature) bedroom and 1 (miniature) bath.  It also has a nice big back yard which I always admired.  We have a big yard but it is all front yard mostly.  It is more money a month though… so I dunno about all that.  I do want to see it though.  I just wonder what it looks like on the inside if nothing else.  I dunno… I don’t care at all that our place is small because it is perfect for 2 people although there are times I have some irritations about space… but since I’ve been so happy in this area… I do think about how it would be nice to have a bigger place in the same area, owned by the same people if we aren’t able to buy, so that when we say okay lets do the baby thing… we don’t have to find a new place just do that.


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