A decent evening ended crappily.  (Crappyily?  Crappy like?  Craptastical?)

My husband that it would be wise to try to drive over the giant snow drift blocking our driveway when we came home and we ended up stuck at the end of our driveway for an hour with the rear end of car hanging out in the middle of the road.  If a nice neighbor hadn’t of stopped and pulled us out, the car would still be there.  Even better though IF THE FUCKING PLOWS WOULD QUIT PLOWING OUR DRIVEWAY SHUT… part of this problem could be avoided.  A plow actually came by when we were stuck and got pissy about it that we couldn’t move our car out of the way for him.  Are you serious dude?  We’re on the verge of hypothermia and our car is stuck in a dangerous spot and you and your minions are the reason and you have the nerve to get pissy?  Asshat.


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