China Glaze Winter Holly


I have to talk about this nail polish because I am in loooooooooooooove with it!  I purchased it at Sally’s before the holidays.  Not a shade I would normally purchase… I’m not a huge fan of greens but something about this shade struck me, it had such pretty shinies through out.

It’s been sitting on my desk since I bought it b/c I had some others to try first so tonight was the first time I tried it out.  And I am just head over heels in love.  It is so unique!

I know, I know… I don’t come bearing pics at the moment.  If I can get one that actually does it justice I will post it but so far I haven’t.  A search online for pics doesn’t help much either… in its raw form I can’t find a pic that does it justice and in the rest… people have put topcoat over this beauty.  Noooooo.  Top coat totally ruins how spectacular this is.

It actually dries matte.  It’s really got some texture to it.  It doesn’t look smooth at all when it dries.  It has the texture of the latest trend right now… polishes like OPI are putting out (their Liquid Sand polishes) and the ones Zoya is putting out soon (their Pixie Dust ones).  So it’s matte, but it still sparkles.  And it is phenomenal!  It sparkles in a way that other glitter polishes don’t.   I was just online last night drooling at pictures of the Zoya Pixie Dusts that are going to be coming out so I was quite surprised to find my little bottle of Winter Holly already came with a similar texture and finish and it just totally confirmed that yes… I need some Zoya Pixie Dusts for sure.


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