There was a horrible accident a few miles down the road from where I live.

I live next to an interstate that is populated by tons and tons of semis since it is one of the biggest routes leading directly into the next state over which I live only a few miles away from.  Before you get into the smaller town that is connected to the city there are 2 stoplights on the interstate.  This morning while 7 or 8 cars were in line, waiting to accelerate as the light changed, a semi plowed into all of them from behind.  2 people were killed.  7 more were taken to the hospital, 2 in serious condition.  At least one of the cars basically just exploded… it was charred down to its frame.

The accident is haunting me.  Perhaps because I travel that route almost daily and when school is in session… sometimes twice daily.  It occurred to me how easily it could have been me sitting there waiting to accelerate after the light changed. On several occasions I’ve been sitting at the light and have seen the semis not slow down in time for the lights and it up plowing through the intersections simply b/c their breaks cannot stop in time.  There’s been several bad accidents (although none as bad as this one) since we’ve lived in this area and they always involve semis.

I just keep thinking how those people were sitting there minding their own business and boom… life was inexplicably changed.  The families of the 2 that died didn’t wake up that morning thinking they would be burying a loved one in the next several days.  Their lives forever changed.

The fragility of life is haunting.  The way death just lurks, with its reminders that it is always near, always waiting with its finality.

I feel like I’m wasting time and I hate that.  Everyday I’m wasting…wasting…wasting…

What should I be doing?  I don’t know, but it isn’t this.

I’m as much a victim to “there’s always tomorrow” as anyone else.. and then you get hit with those reminders that there isn’t always tomorrow.




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