The drama with the stupid photo printing company that started before Xmas is finally over and they are never getting my business again.  I had to reorder from them b/c they otherwise refused to refund me even though they could clearly see I never got the package via the tracking information.  They were so extremely rude when dealing with them that there were a few times I thought about just giving up, telling them to go eff themselves, and just let them have my money but then I thought no… they don’t get to treat people like that and get to keep my money… so someone is gonna get this fixed for me if I gotta go through 10 people to do it.  In the end they were annoyed with me and I was more than annoyed with them but whatever.. problem is solved… I’ve removed their ROES from my computer and it would be even better if I could find a way to completely remove my account from them but I am not sure that is possible.

In a big way this was all a great blessing in disguise because it forced  me to start investigating other printing companies anyways.  This place was the very first one I found back when I started looking for printing companies back in 2008 or so, and I just stuck with them for the longest time because I was comfortable and didn’t want to go through the process of looking for a new one.  So I found one I was interested in and another a friend told me about to try out.  They both offered test prints and one even offers free 2 day shipping on their orders.  I was blown away… the place I had been using wants $15 for 2 day shipping!  What a rip off! I submitted test prints Monday night and one order of test prints already came today.  Wowza!

So yeah… lesson=move out of comfort zone once in a while and investigate new things.  You might be missing out on all kinds of awesomeness when just sticking to what you’re comfortable with.


**Note:  apply this lesson to all things in life.


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