things i currently like



Vito’s Pizza & Subs… if I gain a thousand pounds it will be their fault.  Their BBQ Chicken Pizza is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten along with their Vito bread.  Next I must try the taco pizza and the ranch chicken pizza.

Far Cry 3… got it out of a Redbox on a whim and didn’t know how addicted I would get to playing it.  It’s like Grand Theft Auto on an island with really crappy cars lol  But the open world is huge, there’s something like 38 missions to the main story line, tons of side missions and tons of things to explore and do.  This is one game I really need to actually buy.

Beeluxe Mandarin Clove candles.  Made of a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil so it burns really clean and the scent is intoxicating.  I ran across an old Yankee tart I had a week or so ago that had a note of clove to it and I kept thinking damn, I really really really need to find another scent that has a nice clove note and lo and behold I ran across this candle at Target and I am in love.  The scent has a really strong throw and it makes my house smell like beautiful cloves.  They also make a lavender one which I must try next in the bedroom.

Okay… nothing in this picture but the concept of lighting for the house.  It’s almost bizarre to think I pay so much attention to lighting in photographs but I don’t really think about how to light my own house, I think of it more as functional than to add aesthetic but how wrong that is!  I recently added some lighting to our house that changed the entire feel of the areas in which I added it.   It’s just amazing how something so simple can refresh an area so much.

Stores that are already carrying potted spring flowers.  I have a pot of hyacinths that are getting ready to bloom on my entertainment center and getting a whiff of them as I walk by is the best mood boost ever.

Sanpellegrino… because the orange tastes like Orangina but I don’t have to drive all the way to Fresh Market to get a damn bottle of it.


Penultimate and other note taking/idea sketching apps for iPad.    Much easier than trying to find all the right tools when a sudden burst of creativity hits.


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