goodbye my furry friend.

My beloved outdoor kitty, Slinky, died last night/this morning.  I was leaving to go to class and found him dead in front of his cat house.  I was just in shock.  I had had some suspicions about his health based on the amount he was sleeping lately, but he has always been extremely lazy so I didn’t concern me enough to take him to the vet.  And then just like that, he’s gone.  Yesterday I was just looking at him thinking how pretty his little face was.  And now I’ll never see his face again.  *sigh*

I threw a towel over him to protect his body from the elements…not that it mattered I guess… until I got home.  I was afraid it would be impossible to bury him, that the ground would still be frozen.  But I went out under the pine trees, one of his favorite spots to lay, and begun digging until I found a spot.

I wrapped him in a towel and carried him out to the spot.  Told him I loved him and would miss him, and now he could always be in his trees.  I thanked him for choosing to trust me these past few years and I thanked him for choosing to die here at home, so I knew what happened to him and so that I could say goodbye to him.  And then I returned him back to the earth.  I made a small grave marker for him with a stone and a sharpie.

His body will decay and go to the soil, and the trees will draw nutrients from it and in essence, Slinky will become part of the trees he adored laying under.

My beloved Moki that I have been raising since she was 2 weeks old is his kitten.. so hopefully I will have a part of him for a long time to come.

I love you little dude. Goodbye my little friend.  Godspeed.



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