So umm wow

I guess we are going to do this… move to the bigger house.  This feels so crazy.  I haven’t even been able to really process it fully.  I wasn’t planning on doing something like this for a couple more years and yet now it is happening.  This NEVER happens, life actually being ahead of me.  I always have to wait for everything.

I’m totally overwhelmed by this… to say the least.  Packing everything up is going to suck.  My only consolation is it is right down the road so we can take small loads of boxes down instead of making moving a 1 day, all day event.

But yeah… I just don’t even know what to think right now!  It feels so weird.

Although to be 100% honest, the past few weeks the space issues here have been starting to get to me.  It just seemed like it happened one day out of nowhere.  I thought I was just going through a phase but the feeling had been getting more intense lately.  It started around Christmas and since then I have just noticed that I feel a little crunched in some of the areas of the house that didn’t use to bother me.  And then all of a sudden it felt like there was no place to put anything.  And then I started getting a bit mad when there wasn’t free counter space, or something as small as a cat could make getting out of the bedroom a gymnastics lesson.

It’s gonna take some time to process all this.  In the meantime I get to freak out about my first speech in Com 114, which I have avoided taking since forever.  I don’t know why I should be nervous… Just last month I was forced to give a presentation in the very room the Com 114 class is taking place in this semester and I didn’t die.  And every time I need to do a presentation I need to remember that I fucking demonstrated making cookies for a speech in 10th grade speech class, audience which included one of my high school crushes.  Nothing can be more mortifying than that memory =P  (No wait, there are many more memories from that class which could be equally mortifying).

It’s actually just the physical reactions to my nerves that I dread.  If only I could stop them.


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