I just loooooooooooooooooooooove the fact that every time we move I end up doing 98% of the packing.  Whatever, I guess it gets done faster that way.  And if it wasn’t for music the entire packing experience would be unbearable. So thank God for music.

I really really hope that they are done at the house in the next couple of days so I can load some boxes into the car and take them down there, that way I can make more room for bags of clothes, bedding, etc.

I had a weird dream last night that we were moving into this weird house, that was like a house within a house.  One house was really small and bright and then there were walls that connected it to this other house and the other house was huge and so dark, everything about it was so dark.  Dark walls, curtains closing off all the lights  The ceilings were so high, they were like these 30 foot ceilings, it was insane and there were these old creepy pictures hung on all the walls and most of them were so high up there was no way to get them down.  It was a really strange dream and kind of creepy too.

I’ve been having a lot of creepy dreams lately.  The other night I had a horrible one in which Ki died.  And it wasn’t one of those dreams that feel like they last 10 minutes tops… no it felt like it went on the whole night and I would wake up from it and end up back in it.  It was such a haunting dream that the whole day I felt like something terrible had actually happened.  I never told him about it but when he came home later that day I just stopped in the kitchen and hugged him.  It still took my brain the rest of the day to register that nothing bad had actually happened.

I realized today that I’ve basically had 2 weeks to work on this speech that is due in 2 days.  Doh.  I’ve done jack shit.  In fact I’ve been so lazy about everything this semester that I’m kind of disgusting myself but I am basically 


Done to the doneth power.

Behold how done I am.

I figure if the president can present a speech on a matter that happened at some point in the day on a moment’s notice.. so can I.


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