I had a dream last night that due to some kind of fraudulent Pop-tarts, my husband decided that we had to move back to the tiny house and I threw an absolute fit.  So I guess my subconscious likes the house a lot.  As does my conscious.

Saturday marked a week since we moved in.  I’m still unpacking.  It feels good, the house does.  It immediately felt like home, not even the last place did that.  It felt like home fast but not overnight.  I didn’t have any emotions about Tiny House like I did about leaving first apt I claimed as home.

Having more space is bringing out decorating OCD I didn’t know I had.  I guess I never really had to think about it much.  First place on my own I didn’t have much and it was Ki’s place into mine, second place still didn’t have that much maybe enough knicknacks to still up a few shelves, a futon, bed, computer desk… Yeah not much else.  Then we moved back here and all those apts followed the same type of layout so I always just put things in the same places and then Tiny House, it was put shit where shit will fit….

suddenly I have options and it is making me obsess over them.

Oddly enough I’ve really been enjoying the bare walls.  I’ve slowly been hanging things up but some of the white space is nice.  When I do hang things up I of course have to obsess about where hang it for forever.

Flat ceilings are awesome!!  The oddly angled ceilings at Tiny House were always annoying.  I do however miss very high angled ceilings and all the windows in the kitchen of Tiny House.  It was not lost to me the moment when I realized I would never again see the sun shine thru those windows again.

Before we moved in I did come here and so a lot of space clearing.  Smudged, came back through and did a blessing with incense, and then a final space clearing with my singing bowl. But hey, I gotta have everything feeling light and airy.

Carpet, I actually did miss carpet.  I don’t like how it can hold on to dirt and odors ( but we bought a good vacuum that will hopefully help prevent that) but the all tile thing didn’t prove to be much better I discovered once we were moving.  Especially under big furniture, ick!  vacuum you can just suck everything up, broom half of it goes flying.  Floor cleaning always included sweeping, dry swiffer, wet swiffer, and then vacuuming the rugs.  Now only the kitchen, dining, and bathrooms are tile.

the place has new carpet in all rooms but the utility room which who cares because it’s the utility room.  New tile.  they redid the walls except for the bedrooms and utility room.  Woulda been fucking awesome had the redone the bedrooms but at least they are a light color.  Next year I may ask if we can give them a fresh coat of paint.

So yeah I’ve just got to finish getting everything put where it needs to go and bask in the glow of having all this new space.


i don’t wanna talk about school bc for being almost done I sure am struggling to just keep up the motivation.  Most of the time I have none.


i fell off my workout routine a bit while going thru the moving process but have since hopped back on.  My lower abs are sore and it always strikes me as weird bc I’ve never before found exercises where I felt my lower abs so that’s awesomesauce.


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