spring break

This week is spring break and although I wish I was doing something somewhat exciting I am just being as boring as ever.  I wish the weather could be springy for spring break but that never happens.  Maybe last year… I dunno we did have a few 90 degree days in March last year.

I immersed myself in reading about this vitamin d3 thing a lot yesterday/today and I keep praying that maybe I stumbled upon something that will work out for me as far as natural supplements go to helping my body get back on track.  I don’t even care about my cycle at this point, I’m more worried about my body regulating sugar and insulin and shit like a fucking normal person.  I try to keep up with my exercise but I’ve been slipping lately b/c I get so damn bored with the same routines.  I’ve been thinking about signing up for a gym membership at one of these 24/7 places that have opened up in town recently. When the weather warms up I like to exercise outdoors… walking, bike riding, etc…. but it’s kinda sad that I don’t feel comfortable doing it really unless Ki is with me because well, I just don’t fucking trust people.  Like we have a ton of trails around these areas but what woman really wants to walk alone by herself so far off any main areas where there is absolutely no one to hear you scream?  …Sticking with exercise though, even though I get bored so easily… I know I need to stick with it because I feel so much better when I do it.  I don’t look in the mirror and hate myself when I’m seeing progress, no matter how small or slow going, as long as there is progress.

I’ve been having issues lately with getting older.  I didn’t want to be one of those people that approached 30 thinking “Oh god my youth is gone, I’m turning into an old hag” but part of me would be lying if I said I didn’t feel somewhat inclined to panic.  I don’t want to be nearing 30 dammit.  I’ve accomplished so little of what I imagined I would in my 20s… and I’m gonna be 30 in less than a year and a half?!  I can’t figure out if I was being idealistic or if things went horribly wrong.  A little of both I think.


In less depressing thoughts… I was randomly approached by an ad agency here in town about the use of one of my photographs for an ad campaign for a major bank here.  Shit like that never happens to me so I was pretty much over the moon and still am when I think about it.  I kept it quiet from everybody including my own husband until I was absolutely positive it was  sure thing because I just didn’t believe that something awesome could happen like that lol


For the rest of spring break I need to try to stay away from technology and immerse myself in other hobbies.  I have so much stuff I could be doing instead of wasting time online.  I do feel a bit out of touch though with a lot of people… I kind of became a ghost on Facebook since our move and it’s really weird how not being active on Facebook makes you feel kind of alienated from the world.  Weird and kind of sad that our society has moved towards this one entity being our primary form of communication with one another.  Events in our lives we could be discussing with one another on a deeper level get reduced to a “like”.


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