Spring Break is over and I’m still 9000% done with anything that involves school.  So it was not refreshing on that front.

I’ve had fun this past week getting to things I’ve wanted to get too… various craft projects and starting to learn how to do some cake decorating.  I’ve realized I could probably make a life totally out of creating various things.  It is so fun to just immerse yourself in a project.  And I’m getting better at enjoying the process again instead of getting overly focused on finishing the project.

My experiment with taking the Vitamin D3 has yielded one result so far… my face is clearing up dramatically.  Right now I only have a few smallish breakouts on my face, still in their usual places.  Granted, I have been doing a lot better to sticking to a skincare routine but even when I was doing that previously it didn’t improve this much.  It just looks a lot better, even the condition of my skin overall.  I almost can’t believe it.

There is no sign of Spring coming anytime soon here.  Since we moved I haven’t even got to go out and really explore my yard, come up with places to put flowers, gardens, things I like to do like that… so every time I go outside to get in my car or something the yard feels foreign, like it isn’t really mine to frolic around in as I choose.  Damn groundhog was so very wrong this year.


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