BzzAgent Review: Kroger CARBmaster yogurts


So I got invited to this Bzz campaign and was initially quite excited because I have recently embarked on a get healthy campaign in my own life which includes lots of exercise and watching what I eat.  Yogurt (especially Greek yogurt) is one of my favorite breakfasts and/or snacks but I’ve noticed lately how many of these yogurts are simply becoming glorified desserts.  They are packed full of so much sugar, sometimes an entire recommend days worth!  And with sugar of course comes carbs.  And not the good time.

So Kroger has put out this line of yogurts and even milk aimed at controlling carbs.  They are available exclusively at the Kroger family of stores.  The flavor selection is pretty impressive… I was overwhelmed with choices and a lot of them are very yummy sounding dessert options and there are also your more typical fruity flavors.  True to their word, these are low on carbs.  A couple flavors I picked up only had like 4 or 5 grams of carbs per container I think.  It’s truly a pretty extensive line of low carb yogurts for people looking for that option.

Here’s my issue with it though… these are sweetened with artificial sweetener (sucralose)…. and I almost want to say “Of course they are!” because these days if you aren’t in a health food store it seems like most low carb options are.  I don’t consume artificial sweeteners so in the end, these yogurts are not for me.  I’m bummed because I loved the selection.  Loved that they were low carb.  But the sucralose is a deal breaker for me.  I don’t really understand why a major brand doesn’t use the low carb natural sweeteners that exist on the market today.  Myself, I would even be willing to pay a bit more for such a product if it existed from a major chain or retailer.

The only CARBmaster milk I could find was vanilla flavored which seemed odd to me… it too was sweetened with sucralose and other ingredients s in it that to me no longer made it milk but some kind of milk food product that I was not interested in trying.

Overall the deal is this… if you don’t mind artificial sweetners then the flavors and selection from Kroger’s CARBmaster line up is pretty awesome and worth trying.  If you aren’t into artificial sweeteners sadly CARBmaster needs to try again.

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