I’ve been doing p90x… I started it back in mid January.. stuck with it for like 4 weeks and then got a bit sidetracked with the whole moving thing… only doing it sporadically through out the week and now I’m back at it, I just restarted week 5 and decided to go from there.  I thought at some point it would get easier but it has not.  Last night I had to take a hot bath to even lay down and get to sleep because my muscles ached so bad.  Then all day they have hurt.  I’m starting to think they might not ever not hurt while I’m doing the program.  Egads.

Despite working out I’ve had a difficult time losing weight.  True I have seen changes in my body muscle tone wise and it may be possible to argue that I am building back muscle I had lost but that isn’t exactly comforting when you want the scale to move.  And with the whole PCOS thing, I have researched various types of diets and while a lot of them seem to say the same thing it was really daunting to go through the whole process of a dramatic lifestyle change even if that was what was best for me.

Tonight I pulled down from the bookshelf The Belly Fat Cure… a book MIL had bought for Ki when he was in the hospital for pneumonia because she wanted him to start taking care of himself.  I have no idea why I didn’t read it until now but it was like a light bulb went off and I just thought, okay I have gotta try this.  I’ve started tracking calories again with MyFitnessPal and I’ve been absolutely floored at the amount of sugar I don’t even really notice I’m taking in.  If PCOS is fueled by sugar and insulin then I am doing a damned fine job of keeping myself from being healthy by not paying attention to the amount of it I am consuming.  Suddenly it clicked why counting calories may not be giving me the results that I want.  I’ve figured out you can eat 1400 calories a day and still consume a frightening amount of sugar at the same time.  So I’ve decided I want to give this concept that is in the book a go, because it really doesn’t seem that hard and it seems to combine so many things I’ve read about diet and managing PCOS anyways, plus it’s supposed to help you lose weight… especially your belly… which is what I need, because that is where most of my fat is.

I already know my biggest issue is going to be giving up dairy milk for now.  I love milk.  Love it.  Always have.  Just had no idea how much sugar was in a serving of it.   It will have to be a once in a while thing instead of a daily thing.  I’m just looking around my kitchen and it is amazing how many things just have a stupid amount of sugar in them…. that shouldn’t.  Ridic.

I also love how The Belly Fat Cure advocates against artificial sweeteners.  That is awesome b/c I absolutely refuse to consume them.

I would freaking love if this were part of the answer I need for seeing a big change… I guess I will have to try it and see what happens =)

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