Much to my surprise…. I am down another 2.2 lbs this week.  I really wasn’t expecting to have lost any weight this week for some reason, probably b/c I totally slacked on exercise even though I was sticking to my low sugar/carb plan for the most part.  If I can keep this up I am totally on track to keep with my 10lbs a month ideal.  I think I have finally found something that works and that feels awesome.  Now I just need to keep myself motivated with the exercise too, I gotta admit sometimes that is harder than watching what I eat.

Also to my surprise… I started cramping and spotting.  No full blown AF yet but this is the closest I’ve been to it in damn… I forget how long.  I’m just shocked.  Vitamin D3 miracle?  Exercise and cutting sugar?  I dunno but it makes me hopeful.


Easter at dad’s yesterday.  Was kind of dreading it tbh with the events as of late.  I made no hurry to get there to far ahead of dinner time.  As it were, dad had been running around with Terry all day doing this and that and wasn’t even there that much.  We ate, had a little Easter egg hunt for Tristin, dad once again took off with Terry to get something from grandma’s house… sat there and played with the boys and talked to Jess for the most part.

Dad looked better than he did last weekend.  I mean he still looks pretty bad but last week I could barely stand to look at him.  He had a little bit of color back this yesterday.  Only see him fall asleep while sitting a couple of times.  If he’s standing, he’s in pain from his back, but he’s alert.  He claims he’s going back to the doctor this week but we’ll see… I don’t have my hopes up at all that he’ll get to the bottom of all this….my worry doesn’t cease.


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