infp stereotype survey… just for fun

1. Romantic:  By definition I think most people are…. I used to be way more “romantic” when I was younger but I think that is part of being that age too… you crush on so many people and feel things so strongly.  These days the idea of love is much more comfortable to me, it is hard to describe, I don’t feel that drive so much for needing romantic things although I definitely appreciate them.  But I realize love, true love, isn’t fleeting… I think that is what makes it feel more comfortable.
2. Hypersensitive:  Definitely.  Some days more than others.  Certain issues more than others.  Some days I feel like a walking pin cushion and everyone is jabbing something into me.


3. Idealist: Much to my dismay and sometimes to my utter bliss.  I believe I can save everybody and the world while I’m at it.  Sometimes it gives me hope.  Sometimes it gives me frustration because I don’t understand why this person or that situation cannot be what I just know it could be if only x, y, or z would happen.

4. Loners: These days, yes.  I don’t feel a draw towards being overly social and am happy with just a few close relationships.  And if I feel like I have any relationships that don’t put in the same amount I put in, I find myself letting them go because they are not worthy of my energy.

5. Non logical: I think this used to be me, but isn’t anymore.  When I was younger I definitely had strange logic for a lot of decisions I made.  I’ve seen adults who carry on with that and I don’t think that is me.  There are certain times when it still attempts to creep in but I think I am way way better at realizing when I may be way off base with something and forming an alternative plan.

6. Cry a lot: I used to.  A lot.  I really don’t cry anymore unless I am super upset about something.  And then it will just be this sporadic get it out type thing and then I’m good.

7. Empathetic: Very much so.  And sometimes it is very very painful.  I find myself carrying around the wounds of others more than I should.

8. Believe in God (or any higher power): Yes.  I believe in some sort of higher power, universal consciousness, some grand design.  It’s still something I’m exploring.  It’s kind of strange because I’ve been on a path of exploration since I was very young.  I feel like part of my soul’s mission during this journey is to discover my truth once and for all.

9. Pushovers: Definitely when I was younger simply because I often lacked the self esteem to stand up for myself… I don’t think it was necessarily an INFP thing specifically.    Now, I know when to pick my battles.  In some cases it might appear that I’m coming off as a pushover, but really I just don’t see the point in wasting my energy over something that I don’t find worthy spending it on.  Sometimes I would rather just let the other person “win” to get on with the show if it is not all that important to me.  Surprisingly I can be a really take charge person if that is who I want to be.

10. Shy: I have a certain level of social anxiety in certain situations.  Public speaking is one, but that’s normal for a shit ton of people.  But I have some traits that extend beyond that… speaking up in larger groups of people, phone anxiety, disliking situations where I feel like I’m put on the spot.  I don’t really like hanging out in large groups of people where I’m not really close with most of the group.  I can be slow to warm up to people.  I can come off kind of cold sometimes to strangers.  If I feel like somebody isn’t immediately receptive of me I don’t try very hard to build a relationship with them.  For me, first impressions are everything rather it is somebody making an impression on me or me making an impression on somebody else.  If I try to talk to you and you blow me off upon us first meeting, I’m probably not going to try to talk to you again unless I have to for some reason.  I seek relationships where I feel like I click with the person rather quickly.  I think shyness therefore is subjective… how I view relationship building is often times different than a lot of people view them (especially extroverts).

11. Prefer to live in the fantasy world: Child and teenager…omg yes.  I don’t even know how often I was truly present in reality lol  It was fun, I kind of miss living in that fantasy world.  Now I use other things to kind of get lost in… art, music, reading, etc.

12. Low self-esteem: It goes up and down these days.  As a child/teenager for the most part is dreadful.  I spent a lot of time from the ages of 10-14 absolutely hating myself.  It got better when I actually moved away from the people who helped fuel my self hatred.  I had pretty good self esteem for a long while until recently I’ve struggled on and off.  Some days I’m quite happy to be me and other days I feel like ehhhhh… like most people I think.

13. Never think things over:  Don’t INFPs over think every thing? lol  I guess sometimes I used to not think about how some of decisions would impact other things… I’ve gotten way better about that though.

14. Creative: Well…I think so 😉

15. Hate conflict: With every ounce of my being.  I tend to go out of my way at times to avoid it.  Very energy draining.  I think one of the biggest thing any INFP (and introvert!)  has to learn in order to be and stay mentally healthy is how to manage their energy.


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