Not a happy girl right now.  Currently up at 6 am and not going to sleep because I have 2 outdoor cats to take to get neutered this morning and drop off time is 8 am.  I did have them in the back furnance/water heater/ water softener room in the dog crate without much incident until for some reason one of them started howling and attempting to kill his brother.  Guess they were done with the dog crate.  So I made a make shift litter box and put them in the bathroom until it is time to put them in their carriers and leave.  I don’t really want them in the house, I’m gonna be pissed if I end up with a flea incident over this… but they are threatening to do damage to one another if I leave them in the cage… I can’t leave them in the room out there because there are various exit points that they can crawl under the house and escape… and they can’t just roam because they can’t have food or water, and they hunt now..soooooooooo yeah.  But some awesome person donated money that the place that spayed Moki and neutered Abba was offering 100 free neuters, microchips, and rabies shots to the first 100 kitties who made appts in our zip code… FREE…cannot beat that.

Add to my unhappiness?  Thursday night I was in the ER.  Allow me to elaborate.

Wednesday evening I got this really strange pain in my hip and back… it was painful but not terrible but I had a really terrible time getting comfortable to go to sleep that night.  I had actually googled because I kept thinking man, why do I have this pain right where my kidney is.  It was very specific where my back pain is usually either my shoulder blades or just a little bit of every where.  Of course Dr. Google was like “U GONNA DIE LOL” so I thought whatever, went to bed, tried to sleep.

Thursday I slept and slept and was really lazy b/c I thought damn, if I rest this will go away right?  Finally I got up and it hurt.  Baaaaaaad.  I’m starting to get a little freaked out now because something definitely feels wrong.  I think okay I’m gonna take a shower, maybe the heat will help.  It doesn’t.  In the shower it feels like this huge amount of pressure is welling up inside and going to burst out or something.  Really really weird.  I texted Kiowa and a friend, telling them both that this is sort of freaking me out although I don’t really remember texting them now which is weird.  Kiowa tells me to go to the clinic and I really don’t want to but then I started sweating and getting really shakey and sick feeling so I decide I can tolerate 5 minutes in the car to go.  I don’t really remember driving there either.  Anything from when I was in severe pain is like this weird blur.

So I went to the clinic and they prod and poke and stuff.  I give a urine sample and it does no good b/c I’m on my period so of course they are gonna find blood.  So she tells me “i want you to go to the ER for a CT scan because we can’t rule out appendicitis or a kidney stone and you need an answer so you can get some kind of relief tonight.”   GREAT.   Kiowa’s still at work so I text him and tell him they want me to go and to meet me there.  At this point the pain has gone down some so I drive myself there, check in and wait for them to get me a room.

The ER visit consisted of waiting, talking to nurses, getting a CT scan, peeing in a cup, waiting, having a doctor come in for literally 2 minutes so I could repeat to him what I had told everyone else a billion times and oddly prod my stomach with one pointy finger (uhhh dude, it’s my back here) , more waiting, and having about an hour of zoning out on some pain meds before the nurse came back and told me that they didn’t find anything and I was free to go, and here’s some prescriptions for pain and nausea.

Don’t get me wrong I am thrilled they didn’t find anything but why the hell was I hurting so bad?  Nobody knew.

Friday the pain had improved some, it still got intense at times in certain positions or if I was doing a little too much.  It’s about the same so far this morning.

The location of it is strange because I feel it in that area of my back… but when the doc at the clinic was doing a physical exam when she was pushing on my lower abdomen the right side around my right ovary was very painful.  I’m really wondering if I didn’t have a cyst burst.  I’ve had 2 happen years back… about a year apart from one another and the pain, while even more intense than this was, was very similar.  I have no idea if a CT scan would pick something like that up tho… But a lot of the same exact feelings… the sweaty going to pass out feeling, the nausea, the unique type of pain it is, even down to having (TMI TMI) really random bad diarrhea shortly after the pain started, and the continued soreness after the worst of the pain subsides.  The only difference being this time the pain was more in my side and lower back than my lower abdomen.

And I’ve also had this cold I can’t seem to shake since Sunday… so yeah not a good week in my world.



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  1. Sarah
    Apr 06, 2013 @ 21:51:22

    Yuck, that sounds awful 😦 I’m glad they didn’t find anything, but sorry they didn’t find anything! If it keeps up ask them if they could do an ultrasound. *hugs* but hopefully it does not keep up!


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