April has sucked.

First the stupid ER situation.  Then I’ve been sick for the past month and it’s from allergies so there has been little I could do besides bear with it.  Well I eventually got tired of that and went to see a doc, thinking maybe some kind of prescription allergy med would help.  She prescribed Nasonex and neglected to tell me if I’d had shitty side effects from oral corticosteroids (I did, took Prednisone when I had mono to stop my throat from swelling shut, HORRORS) in the past, I probably shouldn’t squirt them up my nose either.  3 days later I got to relive that, only worse. I still don’t feel well from the allergies and it’s been a couple weeks… I did start using Nasalcrom and I *think* it might be doing something.  *everything crossed*

I don’t know what is making my allergies so bad this Spring… maybe it’s having carpet again?  It seems like every since we moved into this  house they have been 1000x worse.  It’s a bummer.

This is the last full week of classes for Spring 2013 semester.  I am down to 1)needing to finish my foreign language requirements 2) Bio lab 3) One more upper level psych course  and 4) Sculpture fundamentals course, but that is for art therapy pre-reqs… not my undergrad degree.

I am seriously sad that my painting class is about over.  I loved it.  I loved the experience, learning some painting basics, my instructor, my classmates… all of it.  I didn’t even know that I liked to paint or could paint.  No I’m not the awesome-est at it but I’m not terrible at it either and it’s fun!  I plan on continuing it as a hobby even once the class is over.  

The Com class…. oh.my.gawd.  I have so much hatred for what is going on in that class that 2 more class periods is almost too much to bear.  I just keep telling myself to hang in there, it will be over forever soon.  Because of the instructor being completely useless the last 2 speeches take place this week and next, during final hours.  And every writing assignment due this week since she didn’t get around to giving them to us during the rest of the semester.  And whatever the fuck the final exam consists of.   The group project has turned into the worst experience in any class ever.  Shit got real tonight and I ended up having to send an email to the instructor.  Imagine your worst group project scenario and I’m right here living it baby.   Stabby doesn’t even begin to describe me.  


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