BzzAgent Review: Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector Oil Free B.B. Cream

There aren’t words to describe how much I wanted this product to work for me. I LOVE the original B.B Cream by Garnier and in fact, it is on my face right now.  I was so excited to try the oil free version of this product because for some reason as I have gotten older, my skin has gone from very dry to combo/oily and I have always had my mother’s large pores.  It sucks even more because the reviews I’ve been reading for this product it seems like a lot of people are getting along with it and are having good success.  Me… not so much.

One initial complaint of min e was the consistency of this product.  I wondered how Garnier was going to be able to keep the cream like texture of the product but make it for oily skin… well the answer is they didn’t.  This is instead a thin consistency now and more like a liquid foundation than a cream or moisturizer.   I feel like if I wanted a liquid foundation type product, that’s what I would buy instead of product like this.  Despite this, the product did still manage to leave my skin feeling lightly moisturized and not tight or dried.

The oil free version has a lot more pigment than the original version.  It can manage to cover up red spots or any old scarring a lot better than the original (although I think the original set with some powder does a pretty good job too).  Unfortunately the color is off from the original version.  Whereas the original light/medium shade works perfectly well for me, the Oil Free light/medium is much more yellow.

The finish ends up being really really matte.  More matte than I actually prefer.  I wish there could be a product that finds some middle ground between matte and glowy.  This was just almost too matte… it had an aging effect on my skin and made it look kind of dull.  On the plus side, it does do a fantastic job at combating oil almost all day long.

But here’s the real downside for me.  I experienced major clogged pore issues while using this.  That’s what made me stop.  Clogged pores all over, not just in my usual problem areas, so I knew for certain it was this product.  I also dealt with the product oxidizing and turning orange on my skin.  And eventually I just found the matte finish to be overwhelming.  It made me look older and my skin looked tired and unhealthy.  I tried to find a middle ground by mixing a bit of this oil free version with the original to get a more natural finish with with the clogged pore issues from the oil free version it just didn’t work out.

I wanted to love it, I truly did… but sometimes things just don’t work out.  So goodbye Oil Free B.B Cream… I think I will stick to your older sibling that has been oh so wonderful to me, instead.


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